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Are all the features in rekordbox 4 included in rekordbox 5?

Yes. rekordbox 5 follows all the functions of rekordbox 4.

Can I use rekordbox for free? Is there a paid version?

rekordbox can be installed to any number of computers free of charge.
A license key may be required depending on how it is used, and which model you are using.
*This is a single application. There is no separate free version/paid version.

Is there a way to load audio track library information (HOT CUE, Tags, Playlists, etc.) into rekordbox for other music software?

You cannot load Track Libraries from applications other than iTunes directly, but you can load Playlists, Cues, and beats and tempo information from other applications if you convert them to rekordbox.xml format first. For details on rekordbox.xml format, click [here] (http://rekordbox.com/en/support/developer.php "").