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ver. 5 license
  • I cannot activate my license. “The license key you entered has already been activated on other computers.” appears when I try to activate it.

    You can activate a license key in up to two computers at the same time.

    To activate it on a third computer, you need to deactivate it on one computer you already activated it.

    To deactivate Plus Pack license(s), see here.


  • I don’t know how to deactivate a license key.

    Open [Preferences] > [License] and click [Deactivate] for each Plus Pack license to deactivate the Plus Pack license.

    When you deactivate rekordbox dj, you will deactivate all the licenses.


  • Where can I find a license key?

    How you confirm the license key differs depending on the method in which it was obtained.

    For Pioneer DJ products that come with a license key at purchase

    The license key is written on a rectangular black card packaged with the instruction manual.

    *The [KEY] written on the back of the product is not the rekordbox dj license key.

    For DDJ-200

    This product does not come with a license key, but PERFORMANCE mode can be used when connected to DDJ-200.

    For license keys purchased online

    The license key is sent to you by email following purchase.

    Click here to check your purchase history and license keys on the Digital River website.

    *When logging in for the first time following purchase, enter the email address you registered with here, and then set your password using the email that arrives later.


  • In what situations are license keys required?

    Requirement of a license key depends on how the product is used, and which model you are using.

    EXPORT mode

    No license key required.
    In this mode, you can use music management, transfer tracks to your USB device, use PRO DJ LINK, make recordings, and perform other functions.


    A rekordbox dj license key is required(*).
    In this mode, you can perform a DJ mix with rekordbox.
    If you have a product that comes with a rekordbox dj license key, use the accompanying key.
    *A license key is not required when connected to DDJ-200.

    When using additional functions (PlusPack)

    If you are using an additional function such as rekordbox dvs, rekordbox video, RMX EFFCTS, or rekordbox lyric, you have to use a rekordbox dj license key and the relevant license key for that feature.


  • How can I confirm which license keys are currently activated?

    You can confirm which license keys are currently activated using the following procedure.

    1. Log in(*) to your account here.
    2. After login is complete, click the customer name that appears in the top right corner of the screen.
    3. Click [Licenses] on the left side of the screen.
    4. The currently activated license keys are displayed.

    If the screen shows the message [No licenses registered], there are no activated license keys on your account, or your license keys have been deactivated on all computers.

    *If you have multiple accounts, try logging in to one of the other accounts to check.


  • I activated a subscription license but would like to use it on another computer. Is it possible?

    Yes. First, deactivate the license on the computer you activated Plus Pack.

    Then you can activate it on another computer.


  • I purchased DDJ- 200. Do I need a rekordbox dj license key?

    A license key is not required when using rekordbox connected to DDJ-200.

    While connected, PERFORMANCE mode can be used without a rekordbox dj license key.

    To use PERFORMANCE mode while not connected to DDJ-200, or together with another product, a rekordbox dj license key is required.


  • How do I activate the same license key on another computer?

    Use the following procedure to activate your license key on a new computer.

    1. Install rekordbox on the new computer.
    2. Register the same account as on the previous computer.
    3. Activate using the same license key as on the previous computer.

    If you intend to continue using the previous computer, this completes the procedure.

    If you do not intend to continue using the previous device, you must deactivate it using a separate procedure.

    *If you have already activated the license key on 2 computers, deactivate one of them before activating a new one.

    For details, refer to rekordbox Introduction.


  • Can’t I use the license any longer if I deactivate a license?

    The license will not become invalid even if you deactivate the license.

    Once you deactivated a license, the license will be returned to the server, and it will be able to be used on another computer.

    You can activate on up to two computers per license at the same time.


  • How do I activate the license key?

    Confirm that your computer is connected to the Internet, and activate the license key using the following procedure.

    1. Start rekordbox.
    2. Open the [Preferences] window and click the [License] tab.
    3. Click the [Activate] button next to the [License Name] you want to activate.
    4. Check that your email address and password are correct, and then click [OK].
    5. Enter the license key and click [OK].

    When the message [The license has been activated successfully] is displayed, activation is complete.

    Store the license key in a safe place after activation is complete.

    For details, refer to rekordbox Introduction.


  • How can I change my AlphaTheta account?

    Caution : If you are currently activating the license key, please deactivate the license on all computers where the license is activated before changing your account. If you do not deactivate it, you can not activate with a new account.

    Follow the steps below to change your AlphaTheta account.

    1. Go to rekordbox and click [Privacy Settings] in the [KUVO] menu.
    2. Click [Change].
    3. Enter the email address and password of the account you wish to use and click [Change].


  • When the license key is entered, the message “rekordbox could not write a license file to the following folder. Please check the settings of anti-virus software.” is shown, and activation is not successful.

    The security features or software of your OS are preventing the files required for activation from being written to the folder.

    • If you are using Windows Defender, temporarily disable the [Controlled Folder Access] setting and attempt activation again. (*1)
    • If you are using security software, temporarily disable [Ransomware protection] and attempt activation again. (*2)

    *1 You can also add rekordbox to the list of [Allowed Apps]. For this, use the rekordbox program file (C:\Program Files\Pioneer\rekordbox 5.x.x\rekordbox.exe).

    *2 There is also a setting available to set the files to be written to the following folder.

    For Mac: /Users/Shared
    For Windows: C:\Users\Public\Documents


  • What happens when the rekordbox dj license key is deactivated?

    After your rekordbox dj license key is deactivated, PERFORMANCE mode cannot be used.

    Other functions (PlusPack) will also be deactivated at the same time.

    EXPORT mode can still be used for functions such as music management and recording.

    *Track information and playlists will not be deleted when the license key is deactivated.

    *Following deactivation, the license key can be used on another computer.
    Store the license key safely.


  • What is the maximum number of computer to which a single license key can be activated?

    Each license key can be activated on up to 2 computers.

    *For activation on a third computer, first deactivate one of the previously activated devices in advance.

    *If your license has already been activated on another computer, the same account information must be used when activating it on a new device.

    For details, refer to rekordbox Introduction.


  • Can a license key be used with a product other than the one it came with?

    Yes, it can.

    For example, if you have activated a rekordbox dj license key that came with DDJ-400, PERFORMANCE mode can be used when connected to CDJ-2000NXS2 as well.

    *Even if a product comes with a license key, it cannot be used if the key is not activated.

    *When using DDJ-200 in PERFORMANCE mode together with another product, a rekordbox dj license key is required.


  • I have multiple license keys. Do they all need to be activated?

    Activation is required for each feature (PlusPack) that you want to use.

    For example, when using the DVS function with DJM-450, the license keys supplied for both rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs must be activated.

    If you have multiple license keys for the same function, such as rekordbox dj, only one of those license keys needs to be activated.