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  • Can I start/cancel my subscription for rekordbox for iOS/Android (ver. 3) via the app?

    On rekordbox for iOS/Android (ver. 3), you can check the status of your subscription but you can't start/cancel it. To start/cancel a subscription, visit rekordbox.com.

    Subscription start/cancel page


  • Which extra functions can I use in rekordbox for iOS/Android (ver. 3) if I take out a paid subscription plan?

    For Creative plan users:
    You can use Cloud Library Sync with rekordbox for iOS/Android (ver. 3) if you subscribe to the rekordbox Creative plan.
    Find out more: Cloud Library Sync.

    For Professional plan users:
    Cloud Library Sync becomes even more powerful with the Professional plan.
    With unlimited cloud storage capacity and automatic upload of tracks, you can manage all your tracks and libraries entirely in the cloud.

    For Core plan users:
    No additional functions become available in rekordbox for iOS/Android (ver. 3) compared to those available when you use the Free plan.

    If you use rekordbox for iOS (ver. or earlier, or rekordbox for Android (ver. or earlier, there are no additional functions available in the iOS/Android app, regardless of the subscription plan you have.


  • I started a paid subscription plan. How do I start using the features included with the plan?

    You need to activate your mobile device.
    In rekordbox for iOS, open [Settings] > [Account Information] > [Subscription Plan] and turn on [Activate].

    You can check the activation status on My Page on the rekordbox website.
    For Professional plan users:
    Update rekordbox for Android to ver. 3.1.0 or later.