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Library Sync

  • What is Library Sync?

    Library Sync enables you to prepare tracks for DJing using the same library on different devices which are logged into the same Pioneer DJ account.

    There are two types of Library Sync: Mobile Library Sync and Cloud Library Sync.
    You can use Mobile Library Sync for free.
    To use Cloud Library Sync, you'll need to take out the rekordbox Creative or Professional plan.

    You can use Library Sync with rekordbox for Mac/Windows (ver. 6) and rekordbox for iOS/Android (ver. 3).


  • What is Mobile Library Sync?

    With Mobile Library Sync you can sync your rekordbox library when your computers and mobile devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
    This helps you to seamlessly prepare tracks for DJing. For example, you can use your computer at home while using a mobile device on the move.

    To watch the Mobile Library Sync tutorial video, click here.


  • What is Cloud Library Sync?

    You can use Cloud Library Sync to sync your library on the cloud with the libraries on your computers and mobile devices.
    For example, you can seamlessly use the same library on the computer you use for music production and the laptop you use for DJing. You can also prepare tracks for DJing using a mobile device when you're on the move.

    To watch the Cloud Library Sync tutorial video, click here.


  • How can I use the Cloud Library Sync feature?

    To use the Cloud Library Sync feature, you'll need to:

    • Start a Creative plan or Professional plan subscription.
    • Create a Dropbox account.

    Find out more details here.


  • What is Collection Auto Upload?

    If you turn on the Collection Auto Upload feature, any files in your collection will be automatically uploaded to the cloud via the Cloud Library Sync feature.
    To use this feature, you'll need to subscribe to the Professional plan.


  • What is Auto Upload for playlists?

    If you turn on Auto Upload for a playlist, any files in the playlist will be automatically uploaded to the cloud via Cloud Library Sync.
    The Auto Upload settings can be changed for each playlist.
    To use this feature, you'll need to subscribe to the Professional or Creative plan.


  • My library doesn’t sync between computers and mobile devices.

    Check if any of the following applies:
    - Devices are logged into different Pioneer DJ accounts.
    Use the same Pioneer DJ account on all your devices.
    You can check which Pioneer DJ account you're using on each device as follows:
    rekordbox for Mac/Windows: MY PAGE
    rekordbox for Android: [Settings] > [Account Information]

    - Cloud Library Sync is turned off.
    rekordbox for Mac/Windows: On MY PAGE, open the [LIBRARY SYNC] tab and turn on [Sync library to another device].
    rekordbox for Android: Open [Settings] > [Account Information] and turn on [Cloud Library Sync].


  • I want to switch the Dropbox account that I’m using for rekordbox. What should I do?

    You can switch your Dropbox account in:
    rekordbox for Mac/Windows: [LIBRARY SYNC] tab on My Page
    rekordbox for iOS/Android: [Settings] > [Account Information] > [Cloud Storage Services]

    When you switch your Dropbox account, the changes will be applied to all versions of rekordbox for Mac/Windows/iOS/Android logged in with the same Pioneer DJ account.
    Please note that you won't be able to play tracks from the cloud storage of the previous Dropbox account because they're deleted from the local Dropbox folder.


  • When Auto Upload is enabled, some of the tracks in some of my playlists won’t upload to the cloud. Why not?

    If the tracks in your playlist aren't on the PC/Mac or mobile device you're using, they won't upload to the cloud.

    Instead, upload the track from the PC/Mac or mobile device where it's stored.



  • Do I need to install the Dropbox app to use Cloud Library Sync in rekordbox for iOS/Android?

    You don't need to install the Dropbox app for use with rekordbox for iOS/Android.
    However, rekordbox for Mac/Windows requires the installation of the Dropbox desktop application.