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About rekordbox 6
  • I bought a piece of Pioneer DJ equipment that included a rekordbox dj license key. Can I use this DJ equipment to control PERFORMANCE mode in rekordbox ver. 6?

    If the equipment isn't a rekordbox ver. 6 Hardware Unlock device, you'll need a subscription plan to control ver. 6 PERFORMANCE mode.

    See a list of ver. 6 Hardware Unlock devices here.

    Using DJ equipment that was bundled with a rekordbox dj license key, you can control ver. 5 PERFORMANCE mode.


  • Is there a trial for rekordbox ver. 6 subscription plan?

    The 30-day free Trial is available for the Core and Creative plans for rekordbox ver. 6.

    The 30-day free trial is limited to one time per subscriber for either Core or Creative plan. See here.

    No trial is available for the Professional plan and the Cloud Option.


  • I’ve installed rekordbox ver. 6. Can I use rekordbox ver. 5 on the same computer? /Can I use rekordbox ver. 5 and ver. 6 on the same computer?

    You can use rekordbox ver. 5 on the same computer even after installing ver. 6.

    However, you can't run ver. 5 and ver. 6 at the same time.

    The following restrictions also apply.

    • To use selected functions in ver. 5, you'll need the relevant license.

    Please note: If you already have a ver. 5 license (purchased or bundled), you can continue to use ver. 5. As of April 2020, it will no longer be possible to purchase a new ver. 5 license key.

    • To use selected functions in ver. 6, you'll need to take out the relevant subscription plan. When you run rekordbox ver. 6 for the first time and convert your library from the old version, all information such as cues, beatgrid, and playlists will be copied over. After this, the libraries of ver. 5 and ver. 6 do not sync. So, from then on, imported tracks and information such as cue points in one version won't be reflected in the other version.


  • What are Hardware Unlock devices ?

    When you connect a Hardware Unlock device, you can use it to control PERFORMANCE mode without subscribing to a paid plan.

    The following devices are Hardware Unlock devices for rekordbox ver. 6:

    PERFORMANCE mode control, Recording, Sharing mix, MIDI LEARN, MERGE FX*1, SAMPLE SCRATCH

    • CDJ-3000
    • PLX-CRSS12
    • DJM-V10/V10-LF
    • DJM-A9
    • DJM-750MK2/450/250MK2
    • DJM-S11/S7
    • euphonia
    • DDJ-1000/800/400/200
    • DDJ-REV5/REV7
    • DDJ-XP1/XP2
    • XDJ-XZ/RX3/RX2/RX/RR
    • RB-DMX1


    • PLX-CRSS12
    • DJM-V10/V10-LF
    • DJM-A9
    • DJM-750MK2/450/250MK2
    • DJM-S11/S7
    • euphonia
    • DDJ-RZX/RZ
    • DDJ-XP1/XP2


    • DDJ-FLX10


    • DDJ-RZX

    Sampler Sequence Saving



    • XDJ-RX3


    • DDJ-FLX10

    *1 The external mixer mode is not supported.

    (List correct as of Mar. 2024)


  • Where can I download rekordbox ver. 5?

    Rekordbox ver. 5 can be downloaded here.



  • I have a rekordbox ver. 5 subscription. What do I need to do to use ver. 6?

    We've renewed the rekordbox subscription structure and the ver. 5 plans won't work with ver. 6.

    Check the features and prices for each plan and choose a plan for ver. 6.

    If you no longer need your ver. 5 subscription plan, cancel it. Click here to visit the relevant page.

    You can compare the features included in each new plan here.


  • Where can I check the license information for rekordbox ver. 5?

    Visit My Page on the rekordbox.com.

    rekordbox ver. 5 licenses won't appear until they've been activated.


  • I want to use previous rekordbox ver. 6.

    You can download it from the following links.

    ver. 6.8.5

    ver. 6.8.4

    ver. 6.8.2

    ver. 6.8.1

    ver. 6.8.0

    ver. 6.7.7

    ver. 6.7.6

    ver. 6.7.5

    ver. 6.7.4

    ver. 6.7.3

    ver. 6.7.2

    ver. 6.7.1

    ver. 6.7.0

    ver. 6.6.11

    ver. 6.6.10

    ver. 6.6.9

    ver. 6.6.8

    ver. 6.6.7

    ver. 6.6.5

    ver. 6.6.4


    * Essential update for rekordbox ver. 6 Core/Creative/Professional Plan users



  • Is there a risk I’ll lose all my music by unsubscribing from rekordbox ver. 5 and downloading rekordbox ver. 6?

    No. But you'll first need to convert the library you used with rekordbox ver. 5 to use it with ver. 6.

    If rekordbox ver. 5 (or earlier) is installed on your computer, you'll see a button to begin the library conversion when you start rekordbox ver. 6 for the first time. Follow the on-screen instructions to start converting your library.


  • I’ve updated rekordbox to ver. 6, but I want to return to ver. 5. How can I do that?

    You can use rekordbox ver. 5 by following these steps:


    • Install ver. 5 again.
    • Double-click the rekordbox icon on the desktop.


    • Use Finder to select [Applications], then click the [rekordbox 5] folder.
    • Double-click rekordbox. app.

    Your ver. 5 library will be unchanged since you converted it for use with ver. 6. New cue information or tracks you've imported to ver. 6 won't be included in your ver. 5 library.


  • I have a rekordbox dj license key but I can’t activate rekordbox ver. 6 with it.

    You can't activate rekordbox ver. 6 using a rekordbox dj license key. You'll need to start a subscription plan for ver. 6 if you want to use the latest version of the application.


  • What is the color of the waveform (BLUE/RGB/3Band) that can be displayed on the hardware display?

    The color of the waveform that can be displayed depends on the model.


    • CDJ-3000
    • DDJ-FLX10
    • DDJ-REV7
    • DDJ-RZX
    • XDJ-RX3


    • CDJ-TOUR1/2000NXS2
    • XDJ-1000MK2
    • XDJ-XZ/RX2/RR
    • DDJ-1000/800 *1
    • DJM-S11 *1


    • CDJ-2000NXS/900NXS
    • XDJ-1000/700
    • XDJ-RX

    *1  For this DDJ/DJM series, the color of the waveform can be changed in the [Preferences]  of  rekordbox.When set to 3Band, the color of the waveform is displayed in BLUE.

    (List correct as of Mar. 2024)


  • Which DJ equipment supports exFAT?

    The following DJ equipment supports exFAT.

    • CDJ-3000
    • XDJ-XZ
    • XDJ-RX3

    As of Jan. 2024.



  • I changed the file extension of music files that are registered in the Collection. Will this change be applied to the Collection?

    No, for the change to be applied to the Collection, the music files need to be reimported to the Collection after the file extension is changed.
    *Because the waveform, time, CUE point, etc. data change when the file extension is modified, data from before this modification cannot be used as is.

    Relocate and Auto Relocate also cannot be used when the music files are listed as Missing Files.



  • I found a rekordboxAgent process in Task Manager/Activity Monitor. What kind of process is this?

    rekordboxAgent is an application required for the operation of rekordbox ver. 6.

    Please refrain from force quitting this application in Task Manager/Activity Monitor, as this can cause issues such as the incorrect operation of rekordbox ver. 6.

    rekordboxAgent functions when rekordbox ver. 6 is running, and the rekordbox icon is shown on the taskbar/menu bar.

    Even when rekordbox is not running, this application

    • sends you notifications on rekordbox news,
    • keeps your Library up-to-date through Cloud Library Sync,

    so please use this application as it is.



  • Which file system should I format to in order to use SD memory cards and USB storage devices?

    File systems supported by rekordbox are the following.

    *Go here for DJ equipment that support exFAT.

    Refer to the Pioneer DJ support page for SD memory cards and USB storage devices that are available on DJ equipment.



  • When a major update of rekordbox is released, what happens to the customer support for the previous version?

    Our technical support will continue for 6 months after major updates.

    After a certain period of time, customer support will be limited for previous versions.

    Note: Our technical support refers to technical support for inquiries about specifications, operation methods, and problems. This excludes inquiries about license activation.

    Note: The version of rekordbox

    The version of rekordbox is described using three numbers shown as below. The numbers that make up a version are referred to as follows:

    Example: ver. 6.5.3

    6: major version
    5: minor version
    3: patch level



  • When a major update of rekordbox is released, what happens to the old version?

    In principle, we do not update the previous versions of rekordbox.

    Use the new version if you're using rekordbox with a new OS or new hardware.

    You can continue to use the previous version after the update, but over time customer support will be limited for previous versions.

    You can continue your subscription with previous versions, but you may not be able to continue due to plan updates.

    Note: The version of rekordbox

    The version of rekordbox is described using three numbers shown as below. The numbers that make up a version are referred to as follows:

    Example: ver. 6.5.3
    6: major version
    5: minor version
    3: patch level



  • How do I use the [Automatically retrieve analysis information from the Internet (Beta)] setting?

    With this setting, rekordbox users' analyzed track data is stored on the server and reused when the same track is being re-analyzed.

    If analyzed track data already exists on the server, users can expect tracks to be analyzed even quicker than before because the server data is downloaded when a track is analyzed.

    To use this setting, go to [Preferences] > [Analysis] > [Track Analysis] and turn [Automatically retrieve analysis information from the Internet (Beta)] ON.

    *This feature can be used for free on the Beta version, but it is being considered to become a paid plan feature in the future (timing TBD). Personally identifiable information is not collected with this feature.



  • The keys highlighted with the Traffic Light feature is different from before.

    From version 6.5.2, the range of keys to highlighted can be set in [Preferences] > [View] > [Traffic Light].

    Select [Related key 2] to set the same setting as the key range of version 6.5.1 or earlier. The initial value is [Related key 3].



  • Where do I set the range for keys to be displayed highlighted on Traffic Light?

    Perform settings in [Preferences] > [View] > [Traffic Light].

    The range of keys can be selected from Same key and Related key 1 - 3.

    For example, if the KEY of the loaded track is 2A(Alphanumeric), tracks with the following keys in the library are highlighted.

    Same key: 2A
    Related key 1: 2A/2B
    Related key 2: 2A/2B/1A/3A
    Related key 3: 2A/2B/1A/3A/1B/3B



  • After I updated rekordbox to ver. 6, [?] is displayed on a track list.

    In rekordbox ver. 6, you can choose the new style of waveform [3Band]. However, tracks analyzed by the older version of rekordbox don't have the 3Band data, so the [?] icon appears.

    Tracks with the [?] icon can't show the 3Band waveform even if you select [3Band] in [Preferences] > [Display] > [Waveform] > [Colors].

    If you export one of these tracks, you won't be able to view the 3Band waveform in [WAVEFORM COLOR] on the CDJ-3000, even if you select [3Band].

    To fix the problem, right-click the track and select [Add New Analysis Data] from the context menu.


  • How can I use [Auto Relocate] and [Relocate] to find missing files?

    If you've changed the location where you saved a track, the message [File is Missing] is displayed, and you may not be able to play or export the track. (The status column is marked with [!].)

    In this case, you can [Auto Relocate] or [Relocate] the track.

    [Auto Relocate] searches and relocates files in the folder specified by you in the [Preferences] > [Advanced] > [Database] > [Auto Relocate Search Folders].

    [Relocate] enables you to manually specify the location of the file and relocate it.

    Follow the instructions in either of the following two ways:

    • From the  application menu

    Select [Display All Missing Files] from the [File] menu.

    In the [Missing File Manager] window, click the [Auto Relocate] or [Relocate] button.

    • From the context menu

    After selecting the track with [!], right-click to show the context menu and select [Auto Relocate] or [Relocate].


  • Do I need to reanalyze tracks to view the 3Band waveform ?

    You don't have to reanalyze tracks.

    Right-click the track and select [Add New Analysis Data] from a context menu.

    Follow the steps below to select [Add New Analysis Data] for the all the tracks of the library.

    1. Click Collection
    2. Click a track list to set the cursor on the track list.
    3. Press [Ctrl+A] to select all tracks.
    4. Right-click and select [Add New Analysis Data] from the context menu.

    If the selected track contains a track that already has [3Band] analysis data, the analysis will automatically skip the track.


  • What is Inflyte?

    Inflyte is a music promotion platform.

    Promoters and record labels use it to share tracks with DJs so they can play them in their sets.


  • After updating to ver. 6, do I have to set cue points and beatgrid information for my tracks again?

    No, you don't have to set them again.

    When you run ver. 6 for the first time, your current library will be converted for use with ver. 6.

    All information in your library, such as cues, beatgrid, and playlists, will be copied over. (Alternatively you can select [File] > [Library] > [Import your library from ver.5 (or earlier)].)


  • Are there Plus Packs that add features to rekordbox ver. 6?

    rekordbox ver. 6 doesn't have Plus Packs (additional features).

    Additional features provided by ver. 5 Plus Packs are included in ver. 6 paid subscription plans.

    Core plan

    DVS function

    Creative plan

    DVS function, Video function, RMX EFFECTS, and Lyric function

    See details of the features included in each plan here.


  • I have multiple AlphaTheta accounts. Can I switch between them?

    You can switch between accounts on My Page in rekordbox.

    Click [MY PAGE] and select [Switch Account] from the pull-down menu of email addresses in the top right corner of the screen.


  • When I start rekordbox from my Mac’s Dock, ver. 5 starts instead of ver. 6. What should I do?

    On a Mac, the install folder for ver. 6 has been renamed from [rekordbox 5] to [rekordbox 6].

    Use Finder to select [Applications], click the [rekordbox 6] folder, then double-click rekordbox.app to start ver. 6.

    Make sure the icon for ver. 6 is the one on the Dock if you want to start it from there.


  • What is My Page?

    There are 2 types of My Page.

    •  My Page on the website: rekordbox.com
    •  My Page in the application: rekordbox ver. 6 (or later)

    My Page on the website:

    After logging into the website, click your name in the top right corner to open My Page. You can edit your profile, check the information of the devices you've activated for your ver. 6 subscription plan, and check details of your license for ver. 5.

    My Page in the application:

    Start rekordbox for Mac/Windows and click [MY PAGE]. You can activate/deactivate your computer after you've started a ver. 6 subscription plan. [INFORMATION] and [Cloud Library Sync ]settings are available here.


  • I subscribed Core Plan. What should I do next to use the features of Core Plan?

    You need to activate your computer.

    In rekordbox (Mac/Windows), open [MY PAGE] and turn on the [ON/OFF] button to the right of [Activate this computer] on the [PLAN] tab.

    You do not have to activate your mobile device.


  • I have subscribed to the Creative Plan. What should I do next to be able to use the features of Creative Plan such as Cloud Library Sync?

    For this you will simply need to activate your computer or mobile device.

    To activate your computer:

    In rekordbox for Mac/Windows, open [MY PAGE] and turn on the [ON/OFF] button to the right of [Activate this computer] on the [PLAN] tab.

    To activate a mobile device:

    In rekordbox for iOS/Android, open [Settings] > [Account Information] > [Subscription Plan] and turn on [Activate].

    You can check the activation status on My Page on the rekordbox website.