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Device library backup
  • When I uninstall or upgrade rekordbox, will my backups of Device library still exist?

    Yes. Even if you uninstall or upgrade rekordbox, your backups of Device library won't be deleted.



  • If I cancel the Professional plan, will my backups of the Device library be deleted?

    No. Even if you cancel the Professional plan, your backups of the Device library won't be deleted.

    You can use the backup data in the future if you subscribe to the Professional plan again.



  • What is the Device library backup?

    With this feature, you can make a backup of your Device library in advance so you can restore it via rekordbox if the USB storage device you exported files to is corrupted or lost.



  • What do I need to use the Device library backup?

    To use the Device library backup, you'll need to satisfy all of the following:

    • rekordbox for Mac/Windows ver. 6.5.3 or later
    • Professional plan subscription
    • Turn on Cloud Library Sync
    • Subscribe and login* to Dropbox

    *Not required if you don't want to save backups of the Device library to the cloud.
    Supported services are Dropbox and Google Drive.



  • Can I restore older backups of my Device library?

    No, only the last exported state of the backup is saved for each USB storage device

    Older backups will be deleted automatically.



  • I can’t see the data of my Device library that I backed up to the cloud via another PC/Mac. Why not?

    If the backup process doesn't finish properly, the data won't be visible on another PC/Mac.

    In this case, make sure Dropbox is completely synced.



  • I can’t restore my Device library. Why not?

    If the file system of the device you lost and that of the new device you want to save the restored files to is not the same, you can't restore them.

    Check the file system of the device you want to save the restore data to.



  • I can’t restore my music files. Why not?

    The Device library backup doesn't backup music files themselves.

    To restore the data, the same music files on your PC/Mac or in the cloud are copied to the new USB storage device.

    If you delete a file or move it to another PC/Mac, that file won't be restored.