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rekordbox dvs
  • I turned off the SYNC button in the DVS RELATIVE mode and moved the Tempo Slider on the turntable (CDJ/XDJ) to the center position (±0%) , but the BPM of the track on the DECK in the RELATIVE mode is not the original BPM.

    Hover the mouse over the platter to show [RESET]*. Click [RESET] to return to the original BPM.

    *When selecting [2Deck Horizontal] or [4Deck Horizontal], [R] is shown instead of [RESET].


    The following procedures will solve the problem.

    1. Turn off the SYNC button on the DECK in the RELATIVE mode.
    2. Move the Tempo Slider on the turntable (CDJ/XDJ) to ±0%.
    3. Switch the DVS mode to INTERNAL, and move the Tempo Slider on the virtual DECK to ±0% using a mouse. (Double-click the Tempo Slider knob, and the slider will move to the ±0% position.)
    4. Switch the DVS mode to RELATIVE.


  • BeatGrid is not synced even if the SYNC button is turned on in the DVS RELATIVE mode.

    In the RELATIVE mode, BeatGrid is not synced. Only BPM is synced.


  • Can I use Control Vinyl or CD of other manufacturers?

    No. We do not support any control vinyl, CD nor control signal WAV data of other manufacturers.

    If you use them, they won’t work properly, for example, the marker on the vinyl and the cue point and the playhead positions may not match.


  • What will happen to my activated rekordbox dvs license when I deactivate my rekordbox dj license?

    Both of the rekordbox dj license and the rekordbox dvs license will be deactivated.


  • I already activated my rekordbox dvs license. Can I deactivate only my rekordobx dj license?

    You cannot deactivate your rekordbox dj license only.

    If you deactivate your rekordbox dj, your rekordbox dvs license will be deactivated, because it is a subordinate.


  • How can I use the DVS feature on multi-players (CDJ, XDJ)?

    To use the DVS feature on multi-players (CDJ, XDJ), the control signal exclusive for DVS is needed.

    Please download our control signal WAV file


    and burn it on CD-R or save it in USB memory, etc.