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For ver. 5 license users
  • Is the bundled license key that previously came with selected products only useable for rekordbox ver. 5?

    That's right. You can't activate rekordbox ver. 6 with a ver. 5 license key.

    You'll need to take out a paid subscription plan to control ver. 6 PERFORMANCE mode via DJ equipment, unless you have a Hardware Unlock device.

    Hardware Unlock devices can control PERFORMANCE mode even if you use the Free plan.


  • What will happen to the rekordbox dj license key I bought? Can I continue using it and will the software be affected?

    You'll be able to keep using rekordbox ver. 5 with your license key as normal.


  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    For rekordbox ver. 5 subscription licenses:

    Log in to rekordbox.com and select [My page] > [Licences].

    Click the [Cancel] button located by the license key of the activated subscription to unsubscribe.


    * rekordbox ver. 6 subscription plans can be canceled at rekordbox.com.

    To cancel your subscription plan, click here after logging in to rekordbox.com.



  • The sale of licenses for rekordbox 5 has been discontinued.

    The sale of licenses for rekordbox ver. 5 (Mac/Windows) has been discontinued in April 2020.

    The discontinued licenses are as follows:

    • Plus Pack

    rekordbox dj

    rekordbox dvs

    rekordbox video


    • Subscription

    Premium Plan

    Base Plan

    Lyric Plan

    *Purchased licenses can continue to be used with rekordbox ver. 5.

    *Subscription agreement will be automatically renewed and you will be able to continue using ver. 5.

    *To unsubscribe, log in on rekordbox.com or Pioneer DJ.com and unsubscribe on your Pioneer DJ account My page.


  • Will my rekordbox ver. 5 subscription automatically carry over to ver. 6?

    We've renewed the rekordbox subscription structure and the ver. 5 plans won't work with ver. 6.

    Check the features and prices for each plan and choose a plan for ver. 6. If you no longer need your ver. 5 subscription plan, cancel it.

    You can compare the features of each new plan here.


  • I bought a piece of DJ equipment but a rekordbox dj license key wasn’t included. Can I control ver. 5 PERFORMANCE mode with this DJ equipment? And can I use the DVS/Video/RMX EFFECTS/Lyric features?

    If you don't have a rekordbox ver. 5 license key, you can't control ver. 5 PERFORMANCE mode. Also, you can't use the DVS/Video/RMX EFFECTS/Lyric features.

    Although you can't use ver. 5, you can control rekordbox ver. 6 PERFORMANCE mode and use the DVS/Video/RMX EFFECTS/Lyric features if you start a subscription plan.


  • Where can I check the license information for rekordbox ver. 5?

    Visit My Page on the rekordbox.com.

    rekordbox ver. 5 licenses won't appear until they've been activated.


  • I have a rekordbox ver. 5 subscription. Can I continue using ver. 5?

    Yes. You can continue using rekordbox ver. 5 with your existing subscription.

    Please note: As of April 2020 it isn't possible to start a new ver. 5 subscription.


  • I want to use previous rekordbox ver. 5.

    You can download it from the following links.

    ver. 5.8.7


    * Essential update for rekordbox ver. 4 and ver. 5 Base/Premium/Lyric Plan users



  • I have a rekordbox ver. 5 subscription. I want to subscribe to both ver. 5 and ver. 6. How can I do this?

    To use rekordbox ver. 6, you'll need to subscribe separately.

    If you already have a subscription for ver. 5, you can continue with it.


  • I have a rekordbox dj license key but I can’t activate rekordbox ver. 6 with it.

    You can't activate rekordbox ver. 6 using a rekordbox dj license key. You'll need to start a subscription plan for ver. 6 if you want to use the latest version of the application.


  • I’ve signed up for a rekordbox ver. 6 subscription plan, but I can’t activate ver. 5.

    You can't activate rekordbox ver. 5 using a ver. 6 subscription.

    You can activate ver. 5 if you've already subscribed to ver. 5, purchased a license key, or had a license key bundled with a product.

    Please note: As of April 2020 it isn't possible to start a new a ver. 5 subscription or buy a license.