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About rekordbox 7
  • Which features are available in each subscription plan?

    See details of the features available in each plan here.


  • After I updated rekordbox to ver. 7, [?☆] is displayed on a track list.

    On rekordbox ver. 7, [Collection Radar/Streaming Radar] is available under [Track Suggestion] as a new recommendation function.
    The [?☆] icon is displayed for tracks that do not have the analysis data required for recommendation.

    Tracks with the [?☆] icon displayed cannot be recommended as a base track with [Collection Radar/Streaming Radar].
    Even if tracks with analysis data are being used as base tracks, tracks without analysis data are not recommended.

    To fix the problem, right-click the track and select [Add New Analysis Data] from the context menu.



  • If I’m using a rekordbox ver. 7 subscription plan, can I keep using it even if I switch to a different account that I don’t have a subscription with?

    The subscription plan is associated with the account you signed up with. If you switch to another account, you'll also switch to that account's subscription plan. So, you won't be able to use your subscription plan if you switch to an account that doesn't have a subscription.

    If you switch to an account that has no subscription plan associated, you can use the rekordbox Free plan.



  • What is the color of the waveform (BLUE/RGB/3Band) that can be displayed on the hardware display?

    The color of the waveform that can be displayed depends on the model.


    • CDJ-3000
    • DDJ-FLX10
    • DDJ-REV7
    • XDJ-RX3


    • CDJ-TOUR1/2000NXS2
    • XDJ-1000MK2
    • XDJ-XZ/RX2/RR
    • DDJ-1000/800 *1
    • DJM-S11 *1


    • CDJ-2000NXS/900NXS
    • XDJ-1000/700
    • XDJ-RX

    *1  For this DDJ/DJM series, the color of the waveform can be changed in the [Preferences]  of  rekordbox.When set to 3Band, the color of the waveform is displayed in BLUE.

    (List correct as of May 2024)



  • When I start rekordbox from my Mac’s Dock, ver. 6 starts instead of ver. 7. What should I do?

    On a Mac, the install folder for ver. 7 has been renamed from [rekordbox 6] to [rekordbox 7].

    Use Finder to select [Applications], click the [rekordbox 7] folder, then double-click rekordbox.app to start ver. 7.

    Make sure the icon for ver. 7 is the one on the Dock if you want to start it from there.



  • I have multiple AlphaTheta accounts. Can I switch between them?

    You can switch between accounts on [INFO] and [Preferences] windows.

    • [INFO]



    • [Preferences]






  • Do I need to reanalyze tracks to use Collection Radar/Streaming Radar?

    You don't have to reanalyze tracks.

    Right-click the track and select [Add New Analysis Data] from a context menu.

    Follow the steps below to select [Add New Analysis Data] for the all the tracks of the library.

    1. Click Collection
    2. Click a track list to set the cursor on the track list.
    3. Press [Ctrl+A] to select all tracks.
    4. Right-click and select [Add New Analysis Data] from the context menu.

    If the selected track contains a track that already has the analysis data for recommendation, the analysis will automatically skip the track.




  • I’ve installed rekordbox ver. 7. Can I use rekordbox ver. 6 on the same computer? /Can I use rekordbox ver. 6 and ver. 7 on the same computer?

    You can use rekordbox ver. 6 on the same computer even after installing ver. 7.

    However, you can't run ver. 6 and ver. 7 at the same time.



  • Can paid functions of ver. 7 can be tried?

    You can try using the 30 Day Free Trial for rekordbox ver. 7.

    The trial is available once per Free plan user account.



  • What is owner registration?

    You can register that you are the owner of the product on your account by connecting to your DJ equipment with the Free plan.
    This is called owner registration.

    After owner registration is complete, the display on the top of the screen changes from [Free] to [Free Plus].
    The following functions are unlocked and become usable after owner registration.

    • Collection Filter
    • Column View

    Additionally, the window displayed on the bottom right of the screen that urges users to perform upgrades in the Free plan will not be displayed after owner registration is complete.
    *Function unlock and hide window are enabled even after disconnecting DJ equipment

    The following are equipment applicable for owner registration. (Update the firmware to the latest version)

    • CDJ-3000
    • CDJ-TOUR1/2000NXS2
    • PLX-CRSS12
    • DJM-V10/V10-LF
    • DJM-A9
    • DJM-TOUR1/900NXS2
    • DJM-750MK2/450
    • euphonia
    • DDJ-FLX10/FLX4
    • DDJ-REV5
    • DDJ-WeGO4
    • XDJ-XZ/RX3/RX2/RR

    As of May 2024.



  • Which DJ equipment supports exFAT?

    The following DJ equipment supports exFAT.

    • CDJ-3000
    • XDJ-XZ
    • XDJ-RX3

    As of May 2024.


  • What are Hardware Unlock devices for rekordbox ver. 7?

    When you connect a Hardware Unlock device, you can use it to control PERFORMANCE mode without subscribing to a paid plan.

    The following devices are Hardware Unlock devices for rekordbox ver. 7:

    PERFORMANCE mode control, Recording, Sharing mix, MIDI LEARN, MERGE FX*1, SAMPLE SCRATCH
    Common to all modes:  Collection Filter, Column View

    • CDJ-3000
    • PLX-CRSS12
    • DJM-V10/V10-LF
    • DJM-A9
    • DJM-750MK2/450/250MK2
    • DJM-S11/S7
    • euphonia
    • DDJ-1000/800/400/200
    • DDJ-REV7/REV5
    • DDJ-WeGO4
    • DDJ-XP2
    • XDJ-XZ/RX3/RX2/RR
    • RB-DMX1


    • PLX-CRSS12
    • DJM-V10/V10-LF
    • DJM-A9
    • DJM-750MK2/450/250MK2
    • DJM-S11/S7
    • euphonia
    • DDJ-XP2


    • DDJ-FLX10


    • XDJ-RX3


    • DDJ-FLX10

    *1 The external mixer mode is not supported.

    (List correct as of May 2024)



  • I changed the file extension of music files that are registered in the Collection. Will this change be applied to the Collection?

    No, for the change to be applied to the Collection, the music files need to be reimported to the Collection after the file extension is changed.
    *Because the waveform, time, CUE point, etc. data change when the file extension is modified, data from before this modification cannot be used as is.

    Relocate and Auto Relocate also cannot be used when the music files are listed as Missing Files.



  • I found a rekordboxAgent process in Task Manager/Activity Monitor. What kind of process is this?

    rekordboxAgent is an application required for the operation of rekordbox ver. 6.

    Please refrain from force quitting this application in Task Manager/Activity Monitor, as this can cause issues such as the incorrect operation of rekordbox ver. 6.

    rekordboxAgent functions when rekordbox ver. 6 is running, and the rekordbox icon is shown on the taskbar/menu bar.

    Even when rekordbox is not running, this application

    • sends you notifications on rekordbox news,
    • keeps your Library up-to-date through Cloud Library Sync,

    so please use this application as it is.



  • Which file system should I format to in order to use SD memory cards and USB storage devices?

    File systems supported by rekordbox are the following.

    *Go here for DJ equipment that support exFAT.

    Refer to the Pioneer DJ support page for SD memory cards and USB storage devices that are available on DJ equipment.



  • Does my rekordbox ver. 6 library sync with the one from ver. 5 (or earlier)?

    Imported tracks and information such as cue points in one version won't be synced with the other version.