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  • Music files are copied even though [Do not copy tracks when importing] is set with rekordbox (Android).

    Tracks in folders other than those that can be managed with rekordbox are copied when they are imported. Music files are also copied if their file path has more than 255 characters in it.


  • I can’t use track search when a rekordbox (Android) track is loaded to DJ equipment.
    I can’t call up a Hot Cue on another track when a rekordbox (Android) track is loaded to DJ equipment.

    You can't use track search when a track is loaded to DJ equipment using rekordbox (Android).
    You can't call up a Hot Cue on another track when you're using rekordbox (Android) because selected Hot Cues are canceled when you change the track that's being played.


  • When an Android device and DJ equipment are connected via a USB cable, the Android device is not recognized by the DJ equipment.

    Android can sometimes be customized depending on the manufacturers or models. Some devices can not be connected to DJ equipment via a USB cable. Please try the wireless connection.


  • I connected my mobile device and DJ unit to the same wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) access point, but the browser panel hasn’t displayed when I tap the load button in rekordbox (Android).

    Communications between terminals may be prohibited in the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) access point's security settings. Please check the access point's settings.


  • I connected rekordbox (Mac/Windows) and rekordbox (iOS/Android) to the same Wi-Fi router, but I can’t find my mobile device in rekordbox (Mac/Windows).

    Communication between devices may be blocked by network security.
    Wi-Fi router security settings may block communication between devices. Please check the settings of your Wi-Fi router.
    If you're using a VPN connection, please turn off the VPN connection.
    A firewall blocking the communication can be one of other possible reasons.


  • When I connect to my Wi-Fi router on rekordbox (Android), I see Wi-Fi<unknown ssid>.

    Even if the SSID name is displayed as <unknown ssid>, it can communicate with rekordbox (Mac/Windows) and DJ devices as before.
    In Android 9 and later, permission to access location information is required to obtain SSID names. rekordbox (Android) does not require location information, so the SSID name is displayed as <unknown ssid>, but you can still communicate with rekordbox (Mac/Windows) and DJ devices via a Wi-Fi access point connected through Android settings as before.