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  • I cannot import tracks to this app.

    Tracks with DRM (Digital Rights Management), or tracks in an unsupported format cannot be imported to rekordox.


  • When rekordbox for Mac/Windows (ver. 5) is connected via Wi-Fi, the error message [No mobile device is found] appears and it won’t connect with rekordbox for iOS/Android (ver. 3).

    You can't connect rekordbox for Mac/Windows (ver. 5) with rekordbox for iOS/Android (ver. 3) via Wi-Fi.
    To do this, you'll need to use rekordbox for Mac/Windows (ver. 6) or later.
    Library sync features are made possible by the reconfigured libraries in rekordbox for Mac/Windows (ver. 6) and rekordbox for iOS/Android (ver. 3).
    If you connect rekordbox for Mac/Windows (ver. 6) and rekordbox for iOS/Android (ver. 3) via Wi-Fi, you can use the new library sync feature, Mobile Library Sync.


  • I connected rekordbox for Mac/Windows and rekordbox for iOS/Android to the same Wi-Fi router, but I can’t find my mobile device in rekordbox for Mac/Windows.

    Communication between devices may be blocked by network security.
    Wi-Fi router security settings may block communication between devices. Please check the settings of your Wi-Fi router.
    If you're using a VPN connection, please turn off the VPN connection.
    A firewall blocking the communication can be one of other possible reasons.