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  • The rekordbox CloudDirectPlay switch cannot be found in MY PAGE.

    To use rekordbox CloudDirectPlay, first go to [Create library exclusively for] in [Preferences] in EXPORT mode and select [CDJ/XDJ(excluding XDJ-R1)] before using.

    (EXPORT mode: [Preferences] > [DJ System] > [Device]tab > [Library])

    *When [XDJ-R1] or [MEP-4000] is selected, rekordbox CloudDirectPlay cannot be used.




  • What is rekordbox CloudDirectPlay?

    rekordbox CloudDirectPlay enables you to play tracks from the latest version of your rekordbox library – directly from the cloud – when using Compatible DJ units.

    Find out more here.

    Please note: You'll need a Creative or Professional plan subscription.



  • What do I need to start using rekordbox CloudDirectPlay?

    You'll need the following:

    •  A subscription for the Creative or Professional plan.
    •  rekordbox for Mac / Windows (ver. 6.6.1 or later).
    •  Cloud Library Sync turned on.
    •  A Dropbox account, logged in.



  • How do I use rekordbox CloudDirectPlay?

    Refer to the "rekordbox CloudDirectPlay Operation Guide" on the Manuals page for how to use rekordbox CloudDirectPlay.


  • Which of the DJ units are compatible with rekordbox CloudDirectPlay?

    You can use rekordbox CloudDirectPlay with the following compatible DJ units:

    • CDJ-3000

    (as of November 2021)



  • My USB storage device or SD card was already authenticated with another Pioneer DJ account in rekordbox CloudDirectPlay so I can’t authenticate it. What should I do?

    If your USB storage device or SD card is authenticated with another Pioneer DJ account, you'll need to cancel the authentication using one of the following methods.

    1. If you have multiple accounts: Switch the account to the account that authenticated the device, then cancel the authentication.
    2. If the account belongs to someone else: Ask the person to cancel the authentication.
    3. Back up the contents of the USB storage device or SD card, then format it.



  • What should I do if I lose my USB storage device or SD card that I’ve authenticated for rekordbox CloudDirectPlay?

    If you lose your USB storage device or SD card, you can cancel its authentication to prevent unauthorized use by someone else.

    If you've lost an authenticated device, follow the steps described in the "rekordbox CloudDirectPlay Operation Guide" on the Manuals page.

    *Go to [MY PAGE] > [LIBRARY SYNC] tab and click [If you've lost an authenticated device].



  • I turned on the ON/OFF switch to the right of [Use rekordbox CloudDirectPlay], but the authentication button didn’t appear. Why not?

    It may take some time for the authentication button to appear, depending on the number of tracks in your rekordbox library.

    See the examples below as a rough guide.

    • 1,000 tracks: about 1 minute.
    • 10,000 tracks: about 5 minutes.

    In addition, the authentication button may not be displayed if you are not connected to the Internet.

    After connecting to the Internet, reopen Devices of TreeView.