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Billing and Payments

  • I used my coupon to start a subscription plan, but then canceled the plan. Can I use the same coupon to resubscribe?

    The coupon code can only be used once.


  • I already subscribe to a rekordbox plan. Can I use the coupon?


    To use the coupon, you'll need to cancel your current plan, wait for it to expire, then resubscribe and apply the coupon on the cart page.


  • I cannot register my product on pioneerdj.com. I am unable to log in?

    Depending on the country you have selected, if you are unable to log in to pioneerdj.com.

    Please Log in here to register your products.


  • Do you offer discounts for students?

    Currently, we don't offer student discounts.


  • There’s been an issue with payment and my account has been put on hold. How do I get this resolved?

    If you have an issue with payment, contact Digital River (https://www.mycommerce.com/shopper-support/).


  • Can I see my rekordbox billing history or monthly invoices?

    When payment is completed every month, an invoice will be sent to the account's registered e-mail address.

    You can also view the history of the plan you're currently subscribed to on the Plan tab of My Page in the rekordbox desktop application.


  • How can I update or change my payment method?

    You can update or change your payment method on My Page when you're logged into rekordbox.com.

    You can use a credit card or PayPal to make payments.


  • Will the monthly subscription cost be deducted from my account on the same date every month? Can I choose the date I want to be billed on?

    You'll be billed on the same date that you signed up for the subscription and it's not possible to change it. e.g. if you subscribed on April 15, you'll be billed on the 15th of each month after your 30-day free trial has ended.


  • Can I pay for a 12-month subscription up-front or pay for more than one month at a time?

    Not at this time.


  • Are any other costs associated with the monthly rekordbox subscription charge?

    You'll need a Dropbox account to use the Cloud Library Sync feature in the rekordbox Creative plan.

    We recommend subscribing to a paid Dropbox plan so you can upload more music.


  • I’m using the 30 Day Free Trial subscription plan. When will the paid subscription start?

    You can subscribe to one of the plans free of charge for 30 days.

    When the free period ends, the paid subscription begins automatically.


  • I’m using the 30 Day Free Trial subscription plan. Will you send me an email before it switches to the paid subscription?

    Digital River will send an email to the address you registered when you started the subscription, notifying you that the plan is due to switch to the paid subscription.


  • How can I check the renewal (payment) date of my subscription plan?

    See the license check menu on My Page on the website (if you have a subscription plan for rekordbox ver. 6).


  • My credit card was declined.

    Please check Digital River's FAQ.


  • How can I change my credit card for my subscription?

    You can change the credit card used for billing on My Page on the website (if you have a subscription plan for rekordbox ver. 6).