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Device Library Plus

  • What is Device Library Plus?

    Device Library Plus is a library that can be loaded on OPUS-QUAD.

    This type of library cannot be loaded on a CDJ or XDJ unit other than OPUS-QUAD.

    This library is not compatible with the existing Device Library.



  • What settings are required to use Device Library Plus?

    In EXPORT mode, click [Preferences] > [DJ System], and [Device Library] to configure the following settings.

    • If using OPUS-QUAD as well as CDJ/XDJ

    Select [Device Library Plus (OPUS-QUAD ONLY)] and [Device Library].

    • If using only OPUS-QUAD (when DJ equipment other than OPUS-QUAD is not used)

    Select [Device Library Plus (OPUS-QUAD ONLY)].

    Unselect [Device Library].



  • How do I convert Device Library Plus?

    Device Library Plus can be converted with the following steps.

    1. Select [Device Library Plus (OPUS-QUAD ONLY)] from [Device Library] (in EXPORT mode, select [Preferences] > [DJ System]).
    2. Connect the USB storage device to the PC/Mac.
    3. In Tree View, right-click on [Devices] > [Device Name]. From the context menu, select [Convert Device Library].

    If you have never converted Device Library Plus using rekordbox, performing one of the following will convert Device Library Plus.

    • In Preferences, select [Device Library Plus (OPUS-QUAD ONLY)] and connect the USB storage device to the PC/Mac.
    • Once USB storage device has been connected to the PC/Mac, and select [Device Library Plus (OPUS-QUAD ONLY)] in Preferences.



  • Which DJ equipment is compatible with Device Library Plus?

    Device Library Plus is compatible with the following DJ equipment.

      Devices exported using Device Library Plus can only be used with OPUS-QUAD.
      For other DJ equipment, use devices exported using Device Library.

    (As of March 2023)


  • Why is the export taking longer than usual?

    If [Device Library Plus (OPUS-QUAD ONLY)] and [Device Library] are both selected in [Device Library] (in EXPORT mode, select [Preferences] > [DJ System]), it takes time to export both Device Library Plus and Device Library.



  • Will the data be exported to the library of Device Library Plus or Device Library?

    Check the [Device Library] settings (in EXPORT mode, select [Preferences] > [DJ System]).

    • If [Device Library Plus (OPUS-QUAD ONLY)] and [Device Library] are both selected in [Device Library], data is exported to both.
    • If only one is selected, the data is exported only to the library of the selected item.



  • Why are changes (such as removal of tracks) in Device Library not reflected in Device Library Plus?

    Changes made in Device Library (such as rearranging and removing tracks and playlists) cannot be reflected in Device Library Plus, and vice versa.