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  • Tell me more about subscription terms and conditions.

    Paid period

    You can cancel your monthly or yearly subscription at any time but, if you do this more than 14 days after the start of your subscription, you won't be refunded for any fees you've already paid.

    Even if you cancel your subscription, you'll continue to have access to your rekordbox plan until the end of your current billing period.

    If you request a refund within 14 days of the start of your subscription, we'll refund you via the payment method you used to purchase your subscription.

    To receive a refund, you'll need to apply via the MyCommerce website (https://www.mycommerce.com/shopper-support/) within 14 days of the start of your subscription.

    Your access to rekordbox (paid plan) will end within five (5) working days of processing the refund request.

    After 14 days from the start of your subscription, you won't be entitled to a refund.


    If you decide to cancel your subscription, please visit the following page, which only opens for subscribers.


    After you cancel your paid plan, you can continue to use it until the date which would have been your next billing date, but you won’t be able to sign up for another plan until that date. If you’d like to switch to another plan instead, please select another plan on the plan page.

    If you’ve already cancelled your subscription, you can reinstate it on the plan page.


    For refund requests, complete the application form on the MyCommerce website (https://www.mycommerce.com/shopper-support/).

    Changing Plans

    If you’d like to change from your current plan to another one, please select the alternative plan on the plan page. Please don’t cancel your subscription first, or you won’t be able to sign up to use the alternative plan until the date that would have been your next billing date.


    If you change your paid plan, the timing of the switchover depends on the plan you select. Please check here for details.


  • Can I use all the features in PERFORMANCE mode with the Free plan?

    Not all functions are available.

    Go here for details.
    *Available functions vary by use method and connected DJ equipment.



  • Tell me about the new subscription plans for rekordbox ver. 7.

    rekordbox ver. 7 offers 3 paid plans (the Core plan, Creative plan, and Professional plan) and one that's free of charge (Free plan).

    You can also add Cloud Options to the Core plan, Creative plan, and Free plan.

    Find details of the features available in each plan Compare plans.

    You can cancel your subscription at any time.



  • What should I do if I see the message below when I try to activate my computer/mobile device? “The number of activated devices has reached the limit. Please deactivate a computer/mobile device and try again.”

    The number of computers/mobile devices that can be activated is up to 3 for the Core plan, 4 for the Creative plan, and 8 for the Professional plan.

    Additionally, the number of computers/mobile devices that can be activated is up to 3 if the Cloud Option is added to the Free plan.

    If you reach the limit, deactivate a device before activating a new one.

    If this does not solve the issue, visit rekordbox.com, open My Page, and go to Licenses to see the activation status for each device.



  • I’ve started a subscription plan for rekordbox ver. 7, but I can’t use any ver. 7 features.

    You need to activate your computer on Preferences in rekordbox.

    Open the [Preferences] and turn on the [ON/OFF] button to the right of [Activate this computer] on the [PLAN] category.



  • I started a paid subscription plan. How do I start using the features included with the plan?

    You need to activate your computer.

    In rekordbox for Mac/Windows, open [Preferences] and turn on the [ON/OFF] button to the right of [Activate this computer] on the [PLAN] category.

    For Professional plan/Cloud Option users:

    • To use rekordbox Cloud Storage 5TB powered by Dropbox/rekordbox Cloud Option 1TB powered by Dropbox, follow the instructions here.



  • If I deactivate my computer/mobile device, will my subscription be cancelled?

    Your subscription plan won't be cancelled and you'll continue to be billed as usual.

    Even after deactivating your computer/mobile device, you can keep using rekordbox via the Free plan on the same computer/mobile device.



  • What do you mean by, “Some functions are limited” for PERFORMANCE mode in the Free and Core plans?

    Use of the following features is limited with these plans:

    • Video function
      Caution messages are displayed on the external monitor.
    • Cloud Library Sync
      It's impossible to sync your entire rekordbox library, but you can sync up to 10 tracks that can be added to the [Trial playlist - Cloud Library Sync], which is a playlist for sync.
    • rekordbox CloudDirectPlay
      You can use up to 10 tracks that can be added to [Trial playlist - Cloud Library Sync], but not the entire library.
      When a MIDI/HID device is connected, the function is locked and unavailable*1.
      Also, RMX EFFECTS FX cannot be turned on/off with keyboard shortcuts.
      *1 Except when a MIDI/HID device other than a Hardware Unlock device is connected under the Free plan
      When a MIDI/HID device is connected, the function is locked and unavailable*2.
      Also MIX POINT LINK feature cannot be used with keyboard shortcuts.
      *2 Except when a Hardware Unlock device for MIX POINT LINK is connected, or when a MIDI/HID device other than a Hardware Unlock device is connected under the Free Plan.
    • STEMS
      STEMS function cannot be operated with keyboard shortcut.



  • How can I start/cancel/change a subscription plan?

    You can sign up, cancel, or change your subscription from the plan page while logged in to your subscription account.


    For terms and conditions of plan subscription, cancellation, and modification, please check here.



  • Can I use a rekordbox ver. 7 subscription plan on more than one computer?

    Yes, you can use multiple computers under a single rekordbox ver. 7 subscription plan.

    Log in with the Alphatheta account details you used for the subscription plan and activate the additional computers.





  • I forgot which email address I used for my AlphaTheta account, which is also used for logging into rekordbox (Mac/Windows). Where can I check which address I used?

    Check the email address of the AlphaTheta account with which you're logged into rekordbox (Mac/Windows) from the [INFO] window or [Preferences].


    The email address with which you're logged into rekordbox is displayed on the upper right area of the [INFO] window.

    The email address with which you're logged into rekordbox is displayed on the upper right area of the [Preferences] > [Plan] category or [CLOUD] category.



  • Is a ver. 6 subscription plan automatically carried over as a ver. 7 subscription plan?

    Yes. You can subscribe to a plan during the free trial period.



  • A window that urges users to perform upgrades is displayed each time rekordbox is launched.

    A window is displayed when launched if you are using the Free plan.

    The window will not be displayed if you subscribe to the paid plan or perform owner registration.



  • The display on the top area of the screen changed from [Free Plus] to [Free].

    Data was overwritten with the new account and owner rights may have been transferred to a new owner.

    If you own the product, perform owner registration again.



  • I’ve purchased a second-hand product. Can I newly perform owner registration if the previous owner had performed owner registration?

    Yes you can.

    If you perform owner registration by connecting DJ equipment, data is overwritten on your account and owner rights are transferred from the previous owner to the new owner (you).



  • What is the difference between owner registration and product registration?

    Product registration is a system to register products by scanning QR codes found on My Page on the website or imprinted on the product.
    Additionally, product registration can be performed by connecting the product to rekordbox.
    Product registration can be performed on several accounts per product.

    Owner registration can be performed on rekordbox by connecting DJ equipment to rekordbox.
    Owner registration can only be performed on 1 account per product.



  • Can I use rekordbox without a ver. 7 subscription plan?

    You can use rekordbox ver. 7 without a subscription.However, the available features vary depending on how you use the software and what kind of DJ equipment you connect.

    When using EXPORT mode

    Track management, track import to USB devices, LINK Export, recording, and more.
    However, the following are required to use some functions.

      • Subscribing to the subscription plan (paid)
      • Connection to a Hardware Unlock device
      • Owner registoration

    When using PERFORMANCE mode

    DJ mixing is available on this mode.
    Any of the following is required to control PERFORMANCE mode or record DJ mixes using DJ equipment.

      • Subscribing to the subscription plan (paid)
      • Connection to a Hardware Unlock device

    Go here for details concerning functions that are available on each plan and Cloud Option.



  • What happens when the 30 Day Free Trial expires?

    When the free trial period expires, a plan upgrade guide is displayed.

    To continue using paid functions, confirm the functions and prices of the plan you intend to use, and subscribe to the plan.

    If you do not with to subscribe to the plan, paid functions will no longer be available.



  • Will my rekordbox ver. 5 subscription automatically carry over to ver. 7?

    We've renewed the rekordbox subscription structure and the ver. 5 plans won't work with ver. 7.

    Check the features and prices for each plan and choose a plan for ver. 7. If you no longer need your ver. 5 subscription plan, cancel it.

    You can compare the features of each new plan here.



  • Can paid functions of ver. 7 can be tried?

    You can try using the 30 Day Free Trial for rekordbox ver. 7.

    The trial is available once per Free plan user account.



  • I haven’t received the AlphaTheta account confirmation e-mail.

    If you didn't receive the AlphaTheta account confirmation e-mail, there's a possibility that you entered a wrong e-mail address or the confirmation e-mail ended up in the “spam folder”, etc.

    * When you are using Gmail, right-click on the confirmation e-mail in your "spam folder" and click "not spam".



  • If I change my plan, when will the change be applied?

    In any of the following cases, the change will be applied immediately:

    • If you're changing from the Core plan to the Creative or Professional plan
    • If you're changing from the Creative plan to the Professional plan
    • if you add the Cloud Option to the Core plan, or Creative plan

    In any of the following cases, the change will be applied on the next renewal date:

    • When you switch between monthly and yearly payment options for the same plan
    • When you switch from the Creative to Core plan
    • When you switch from the Professional to the Creative or Core plan
    • When you cancel the Cloud Option for the Core plan and Creative plan

    What's the "next renewal date"?

    Suppose you started a plan on the 10th of the month. If you change the plan between the 1st and 9th (inclusive) of a month, the next renewal date is the 10th of the current month.

    If you change plans on the 10th or any following day until the end of the month, the renewal date is the 10th of the next month.

    For a yearly plan, it will be the same date one year after the start of the subscription (however, if the first contract date is February 29 of a leap year, it will be February 28 of the following year).

    For example, if you started a monthly plan on June 15 and you switch to a yearly payment option for the same plan on September 20, the next renewal date will be October 15.

    *Disclaimer: renewal dates may differ due to time zone differences, etc.



  • How many computers/mobile devices can be activated with a single subscription plan?

    The maximum number of computers/mobile devices you can activate with a single subscription plan is:

    • Core plan: 3
    • Creative plan: 4
    • Professional plan: 8
    • Free plan + Cloud Option: 3

    *You must log in with the account you used to start the subscription.


  • I deactivated my computer to cancel my subscription plan, but the payments have continued. What should I do?

    Deactivating a device does not cancel your subscription. If you want to end your subscription, please follow the cancellation procedure.

    See details on how to cancel your subscription here.