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  • Can I start/cancel my subscription for rekordbox for iOS/Android (ver. 3) via the app?

    On rekordbox for iOS/Android (ver. 3), you can check the status of your subscription but you can't start/cancel it. To start/cancel a subscription, visit rekordbox.com.

    Subscription start/cancel page


  • Which extra functions can I use in rekordbox for iOS/Android ver. 3.0 if I take out a paid subscription plan?

    You can use Cloud Library Sync with rekordbox for iOS/Android ver. 3.0 if you subscribe to the rekordbox Creative Plan.
    Find out more: Cloud Library Sync.

    If you subscribe to the rekordbox Core plan, no additional functions become available in rekordbox for iOS/Android ver. 3.0 compared to those available when you use the rekordbox Free plan. However, additional features do become available in the PC/Mac version of rekordbox.

    If you use rekordbox for iOS ver. 2.4.0 or earlier, or rekordbox for Android ver. or earlier, there are no additional functions available in the iOS/Android app, regardless of the subscription plan you have.