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  • Let me know the streaming services supported by rekordbox for Android.

    rekordbox for Android supports the streaming services shown below.

    • SoundCloud
    • TIDAL

    (as of March 2024)

    Please confirm the support status in each country with each streaming service.





  • Are trial subscriptions available for the streaming services?

    Each streaming service offers a trial subscription. (As of March 2024)

    For the latest information, refer to the website of each service.


  • What types of file formats are used by streaming services?

    The file formats used by each streaming service are as follows:

    SoundCloud GO+ : MP3 128kbps、AAC 256kbps
    SoundCloud DJ : MP3 128kbps、AAC 256kbps
    TIDAL HiFi : FLAC 44.1kHz 16bit、AAC 320kbps
    TIDAL Premium:AAC 320kbps


  • Are there any potential copyright related issues with playing tracks from a streaming service in a public place or club?

    This depends on your contract with the streaming service, as well as on the copyright laws of each country and international conventions.

    Please contact each service for details.




  • What is SoundCloud Go+/DJ?

    SoundCloud Go+/DJ is a subscription streaming service that DJs can use to access the SoundCloud music catalog.

    A separate signing up is required to use this service.

    For details, refer to the SoundCloud website.

    Click here for the SoundCloud FAQ page.


  • In what countries can SoundCloud Go+/DJ be used?

    For the latest news on supported countries, refer to the SoundCloud website.


  • Can I play SoundCloud Go+/DJ tracks on rekordbox for Android offline?

    No. You cannot play tracks in an offline environment.



  • Are there any functional restrictions when using tracks from SoundCloud on rekordbox for Android?

    The following restriction applies when using tracks from SoundCloud.
    - Tracks can't be loaded to connected devices via PRO DJ LINK.


  • What file format is used for SoundCloud tracks?

    SoundCloud Go+: MP3 128kbps and AAC 256kbps for SoundCloud High Quality streaming.

    For details, refer to the SoundCloud website.


  • What are Free DJ Playlists of SoundCloud?

    Free DJ Playlists of SoundCloud are playlists that can be used for free without logging in. However, the number of available playlists is limited.
    For the latest information on countries and regions where SoundCloud is available, check out the SoundCloud website.


  • How do I access the tracks on the SoundCloud Free DJ Playlists?

    Follow the steps in the below to access the Free DJ Playlists.


  • Do you support SoundCloud Go+/DJ High Quality Streaming?


    High Quality Streaming can be used by selecting [High Quality 256kbps (AAC)] for [Audio Quality].


    However, [High Quality 256kbps (AAC)] may not be used to play or analyze certain tracks because the AAC format may not be available depending on the track.

    In this case, [128kbps (MP3)] will be used to play and analyze the track.

    The Beat Grid and Cue points may also need to be reset due to the possibility of the Beat Grid and Cue points shifting when [Audio Quality] is changed.


  • Why doesn’t rekordbox for Android show some of the tracks displayed on SoundCloud website or app?

    The use of certain tracks on SoundCloud by third parties is restricted due to copyright agreements.

    These tracks will not be available in rekordbox for Android.



  • Some tracks on SoundCloud are grayed out and I can’t play them. Why?

    Some tracks are grayed out because the use of certain tracks on SoundCloud by third parties is restricted due to copyright agreements.
    You can't play them, but you can add, delete, and sort them in the playlist.


  • The keys of the tracks I imported to rekordbox for Android are different than what is listed on SoundCloud. Why?

    The keys of some tracks provided by SoundCloud may differ from the keys that were analyzed by rekordbox for Android.

    To turn off key analysis in rekordbox for Android follow the steps in below [Track Analysis Settings].



  • The Beat Grid and Cue points shifted after changing the [Audio Quality] in SoundCloud or TIDAL. Why?

    If you change the [Audio Quality] setting, the Beat Grid and Cue points of tracks that have already been analyzed may shift.
    If you change the [Audio Quality] setting, you'll need to re-analyze the track and reset the Cue points. Also, make sure that the [Audio Quality] settings are the same for all devices that are Library Synced.


  • I need to reanalyze the tracks from a streaming service because I changed the [Audio Quality]. What are the steps to reanalyzing the tracks in my collection for each streaming service?

    Follow the steps below to reanalyze your tracks.

    Open your collection and display the tracks you wish to reanalyze for one of the streaming services you are using.


    Then, select all the displayed tracks and perform the reanalysis.


  • Can I play TIDAL tracks with rekordbox for Android when I’m offline?

    Due to TIDAL restrictions, it's not possible to play TIDAL tracks when you're offline.