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Lighting function

  • Can I control all lighting fixtures registered in Fixture Library from rekordbox?

    Only specific DMX lighting fixture features – such as the dimmer, strobe, color and moving head (PAN/TILT) – can be controlled with LIGHTING mode.

    The lighting fixtures, which have other features than the above, may not work as expected.

    Please also take note that effect lights, lasers, fog machines, and all-in-one lighting systems are not supported.



  • Can I control lighting from a controller?


    On the PAD EDITOR screen or MIDI assignment screen, you can assign functions such as color changes and strobe flashing patterns to the performance pads and control them from your DJ controller.

    For details, please see "LIGHTING mode operation guide".


  • How do I use the lighting function?

    Follow the steps below for using the lighting function.

    1. Select LIGHTING mode and assign fixtures.
    2. Analyze phrase of the tracks.
    3. Play the phrase-analyzed tracks in PERFORMANCE mode.


  • What is [Mood]?

    The [Mood] is a classification of music based on audio information including tempo, rhythm, kick drum and sound density.

    It is classified as HIGH /MID/LOW.


  • What types of lighting fixtures are supported in LIGHTING mode?

    The following DMX-compatible fixtures are supported.

    Par Light

    Bar Light

    Moving Head





  • When I edited [Macro] for a track using [MACRO EDITOR], can I change [Scene] or switch [Bank] ?

    Yes. However, please note that your edit work on the [Macro] will be discarded.


  • Can I have more than one DMX assignment ?

    Yes. By using [Venue], you can have multiple DMX assignments.

    You can select the [Venue] you want to perform at [Preferences] > [Lighting].


  • What is DMX Direct Control?

    This feature enables you to send DMX signals to preset DMX channels independently from any automatic lighting effects controlled by rekordbox.

    You can even manually turn on and off lighting fixtures that aren't supported by rekordbox.

    For details, see the LIGHTING mode operation guide.


  • The lighting fixture I want to use is not supported in LIGHTING mode. What can I do?

    If the lighting fixture is not supported,

    1. Select the [LIGHTING] mode.
    2. Open [FIXTURE LIBRARY] screen and click [+] button on the right. You can request addition via our Forum. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you can add any fixtures as you wish.(Please see LIGHTING mode Operation Guide for details.)


  • Is internet connection required to use the LIGHTING mode?

    Yes. Internet connection is required to download/upload Fixture Library and preset scenes.




  • How can I find if the lighting fixtures are supported in LIGHTING mode?

    See LIGHTING mode > FIXTURE LIBRARY  screen and check them.

    If not, check here.



  • Are Scenes preset?


    The Scenes are preset.

    You can also edit them or create new ones.



  • What is Scene?

    The Scene is lighting effects settings composed of multiple different lighting fixtures.

    Up to 16 kinds of lighting effects information can be saved in one Scene.


  • What is Fixture Library?

    The Fixture Library is the list of fixture profiles including manufacturers, models, DMX channels, categories, etc. provided by AtlaBase Ltd.


  • Can the lighting settings be transferred to a different computer?

    With rekordbox 6.5.4 or later, the export/import functions can be used to transfer lighting settings to a different computer.

    Steps to transferring settings:

    1. On the computer with the lighting settings you wish to transfer, go to the LIGHTING mode [File] menu, select [Library] >[Export lighting settings] and save the file.
    2. Copy the file from Step 1 to the computer to which the lighting settings are being transferred.
    3. On the computer to which you are transferring the lighting settings, go to the LIGHTING mode [File] menu, select [Library] >[Import lighting settings] and import the file from Step 2.



  • Can the lighting settings be backed up?

    The lighting settings can be exported/imported with rekordbox 6.5.4 or later.

    Go to the LIGHTING mode [File] menu, select [Library] > [Export lighting settings], and save the file.



  • What DJ equipment can automatically select decks for lighting in PERFORMANCE mode?

    Connect the DJ equipment and PC/Mac with a USB cable, and check [Preferences] > [Audio] > [Mixer Mode] (in PERFORMANCE mode).

    • If your DJ equipment supports internal mixer mode, automatic deck selection is available when [Internal] is selected.
    • If your DJ equipment supports external mixer mode, automatic deck selection is available only on the following models when [External] is selected.


    *NOTE: The DJM-V10-LF does not support this automatic deck selection feature. If the auto mode does not work as expected, please select the deck manually.

    (as of November 2021)



  • When I switch [Bank] of [Scene] using [MACRO EDITOR], will they be linked to the track and saved?

    Yes. The changes are saved.


  • What is [Bank] of [Scene]?

    The [Bank] is a variation of [Scene] consisting of







    CLUB 1

    CLUB 2.


  • What is [Macro]?

    The [Macro] means combination of multiple [Scene].


  • I can’t perform lighting in sync with tracks that are not phrase-analyzed. How Can I do it?

    If tracks are not phrase-analyzed, you cannot perform lighting in sync with the tracks.


  • What is [Venue]?

    The [Venue] is a function that allows you to save DMX channel assignment information (1 universe) of multiple lighting fixtures sets separately according to your needs.


  • What is LIGHTING mode?

    The LIGHTING mode is a mode to assign lighting fixtures and edit lighting scenes.

    It has the following screens :

    • [FIXTURE LIBRARY]: assignment and settings for your lighting fixtures
    • [MACRO MAPPING]: change linkage between [Scene] and phrases
    • [MACRO EDITOR]: quickly edit [Scene] to match the flow of the track


  • What is Ambient mode?

    This feature enables you to start lighting effects automatically when all tracks have stopped playing.

    You can start and stop lighting effects at any time, even during playback.

    For details, see the LIGHTING mode operation guide.