FAQ - New Features (Android v.1.3.0)

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Selecting a device to be used

XDJ-RX in addition to the current devices can be selected from [Settings] - [DJ-Device]. 
If you select XDJ-RX, four Hot Cues can be set in Prepare.

Adding comments to CUE/LOOP

Comments and colors can be added to Memory CUE/LOOP and comments to HOT CUE/LOOP.

1) When tapping image button, the list of Memory CUE/LOOP and HOT CUE/LOOP are displayed.

2) When an item in the list is swiped, the [More] and [Delete] buttons will be shown.

3) When tapping the [More] button, you can edit the CUE/LOOP comment and select a color.
* HOT CUE does not have color options.


Tracks which were recently imported to rekordbox can be shown as a list.
Touch and hold [RECENTRY ADDED] to change the period you want to see in the list.