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Can I use the Music App library XML on macOS Catalina 10.15 instead of the iTunes library XML? Update

On the Apple Music App on macOS Catalina 10.15, users can use [Export Library...] to create a library XML.
To use this library XML on the rekordbox, choose it using [iTunes Library File].
Configure using the following procedure.

1.Create a library XML in Music.
・ In Music, click [File] > [Library] > [Export Library...].
・ Specify the name and location for the file in the [Save as] and [Where] spaces, and then click [Save].

2.Choose the library XML for use on the rekordbox.
・ On the rekordbox, go to [Preferences] > [Advanced] and open the [Database] tab, click the [Browse] button next to [iTunes] > [iTunes Library File], and then choose the library XML you created in Music.
・ Music tracks and playlists will be displayed as a list under [iTunes] in the tree view.

3.Note: For rekordbox v5.8.0 and earlier
 Updating the Music library XML
・ After downloading new tracks or playlists to Music, always replace the library XML using [Export Library...].
 Repeat Step 1, using [Save] to store the library XML you created.

I would like to use the sampler. Are audio source files available?

Yes. You can use the Sampler Plus Pack.
Use the following procedure to download and import it.

  1. Click [File]>[Import] in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Continue by selecting [Download Sampler Plus Pack] to download [SAMPLER_PACK.spp] to your computer.
  3. Click [File]>[Import] in the top left corner of the screen again.
  4. Click [Import Sampler Plus Pack].
  5. Select the [SAMPLER_PACK.spp] file you downloaded in step 2.
  6. Select the location to store your sample audio files (such as the Music folder).

You can load imported audio source files into sampler slots from [Sampler] in Tree View.

Can I change the display format for keys?

Yes, on rekordbox 5.4.3 or later version you can select [Classic] or [Alphanumeric] in [Preferences] > [View] > [Key display format].
 [Classic]   : Abm,B,Ebm,F#,…
 [Alphanumeric]: 1A,1B,2A,2B,…
 [Display key information on the database] : If this is checked, keys are displayed in the same format as the one rekordbox 5.4.2 or earlier version was displaying.

Can I control all lighting fixtures registered in rekordbox Fixture Library from rekordbox?

Only specific DMX lighting fixture features – such as the dimmer, strobe, color and moving head (PAN/TILT) – can be controlled with [LIGHTING] mode.
The fixtures, which have other features than the above, may not work as expected.
Features like GOBO, along with some effect lights, lasers, fog machines and all-in-one lighting systems aren't supported.

When I edited [Macro] for a track using [MACRO EDITOR], can I change [Scene] or switch [Bank] ? ([LIGHTING] mode)

Yes. However, please note that your edit work on the [Macro] will be discarded.

What is [Bank] of [Scene]? ([LIGHTING] mode)

The [Bank] is a variation of [Scene] consisting of COOL/NATURAL/HOT/SUBTLE/WARM/VIVID/CLUB 1/CLUB 2.

What is [Mood]? ([LIGHTING] mode)

The [Mood] is a classification of music based on audio information including tempo, rhythm, kick drum and sound density. It is classified as HIGH /MID/LOW.

What is [Macro]? ([LIGHTING] mode)

The [Macro] means combination of multiple [Scene].

What is [Scene]? ([LIGHTING] mode)

The [Scene] is lighting effects settings composed of multiple different lighting fixtures. Up to 16 kinds of lighting effects information can be saved in one [Scene].

Can I control lighting from a controller?

Yes. On the PAD EDITOR screen or MIDI assignment screen, you can assign functions such as color changes and strobe flashing patterns to the performance pads and control them from your DJ controller.
For details, please see "LIGHTING Mode Operation Guide".

Are [Scenes] preset? ([LIGHTING] mode)

Yes. The [Scenes] are preset. You can also edit them or create new ones.

How do I use the lighting function?

Follow the steps below for using the lighting function.

1.Select [LIGHTING] mode and assign fixtures.
2.Analyze phrase of the tracks.
3.Play the phrase-analyzed tracks in [PERFORMANCE] mode.

I can't perform lighting in sync with tracks that are not phrase-analyzed. How Can I do it?

If tracks are not phrase-analyzed, you cannot perform lighting in sync with the tracks.

Can I have more than one DMX assignment ? ([LIGHTING] mode)

Yes. By using [Venue], you can have multiple DMX assignments. You can select the [Venue] you want to perform at [Preferences] > [Lighting].

What is [Venue]? ([LIGHTING] mode)

The [Venue] is a function that allows you to save DMX channel assignment information (1 universe) of multiple lighting fixtures sets separately according to your needs.

The lighting fixture I want to use is not supported in [LIGHTING] mode. What can I do?

If the lighting fixture is not supported,
1. Select the [LIGHTING] mode.
2. Open [FIXTURE LIBRARY] screen and click [+] button on the right. You can request addition via our Forum. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you can add any fixtures as you wish.(Please see LIGHTING mode Operation Guide for details.)

How can I find if the lighting fixtures are supported in [LIGHTING] mode?

If you already activated rekordbox dj, select [LIGHTING] mode > [FIXTURE LIBRARY] screen and check them.
If not, check here.

What types of lighting fixtures are supported in [LIGHTING] mode?

The following DMX-compatible fixtures are supported.
Par Light/Bar Light/Moving Head/Strobe/Spot

What is [LIGHTING] mode?

The [LIGHTING] mode is a mode to assign lighting fixtures and edit lighting scenes. It has the following screens :

・[FIXTURE LIBRARY]: assignment and settings for your lighting fixtures
・[MACRO MAPPING]: change linkage between [Scene] and phrases
・[MACRO EDITOR]: quickly edit [Scene] to match the flow of the track

What is Fixture Library ? ([LIGHTING] mode)

The Fixture Library is the list of fixture profiles including manufacturers, models, DMX channels, categories, etc. provided by AtlaBase Ltd.

Is internet connection required to use the [LIGHTING] mode?

Yes. Internet connection is required to download/upload Fixture Library and preset lighting scenes.

Should I have rekordbox dj to use the lighting function ?

Yes. Please activate rekordbox dj to use the lighting function.

Automix stopped unexpectedly.

Automix will stop if the following two cases happen.
1. When the track playing in Automix is unloaded
2. A track not on the Automix playlist is loaded to Deck1 or Deck 2

Can I play video files in Automix?

To play video files in Automix, please use a video playlist as the Automix playlist. The video playlist consists of only video files. Playlists consist of video and audio files cannot be played during Automix. If you already assign any playlist that contains other than video, please click the clear button to clear the Automix playlist.

Can I switch to the next track at any time while the current track is playing during Automix?

You can switch to the next track at any time if you:
1.double click the next track in the Automix playlist.
2. load the next track in the Automix playlist to the deck that is not playing.

Even if you click the PLAY button of the deck that is not playing, the playing track will not switch to the next track in the Automix playlist.

What is phrase analysis?

Phrase analysis is to analyze the structure of tracks and define each composition as a phrase.
Phrases are categorized as below: Intro/Up/Down/Chorus/Bridge/Verse/Outro

Can I edit results of phrase analysis by myself?

Yes. You can change phrase types, combine/divide phrases and clear all and re-analyze them.

When I edit grid after phrase analysis, what will happen to phrase analysis results?

The phrase analysis result is influenced by the grid edit. If you want to alter phrases, go to [Preferences]>[Analysis]>[Track Analysis]>[Track Analysis Setting], tick only [Phrase] and analyze tracks again.

How can I delete Pulselocker tracks in Collection and offline files?

Follow the steps below to delete Pulselocker tracks in Collection and offline files.

1. To delete Pulselocker tracks in Collection
Step1. Select [Collection] in Tree View.

Step2. Right-click the column title of the track list (see red frame below).

Step3. Click [Location] in the drop-down menu,then [Location] column appears.

Step4. Click [Location] column to sort.

Step5. Scroll the track list screen to find "pulselocker://song/…" in the [Location] column.

Step6. Click a Paluselocker track displayed at the top, press [Shift] key and click the Pulselocker track displayed at the bottom to select all Pulselocker tracks.

Step7. Right-click and select [Remove from Collection] in the drop-down menu.

Step8. Click [OK],then all the selected Pulselcoker tracks will be deleted.

2. To delete offline files
Downloaded files of Pulselocker offline tracks are saved in the Pulselocker folder located below.Please delete the Pulselocker folder.
-for Windows: C:\Users\"user name"\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\rekordbox\Pulselocker
-for Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Pioneer/rekordbox/Pulselocker

What is [Use FX1 and FX2 as FX SEND/RETURN] of [Preferences] window > [Controller] tab > [Effect] tab > [BEAT FX] in [PERFORMANCE] mode?

This is shown only when an FX SEND/RETURN compatible DJ mixer*1 is connected and selected as the audio device.

When you tick this option, FX (e.g. ECHO or REVERB) tails can be heard even after pulling the channel fader of the DJ mixer all the way down.Please note that rekordbox dj FX1 and FX2 must be set to the same mixer channel in this case.This is because both of the FX1 and FX2 are routed to [FX SEND/FX RETURN] audio routing of the DJ mixer.
When you untick this option, the FX1 and FX2 are independently routed to the internal audio routing of rekordbox dj.Therefore you can set the FX1 and FX2 to separate mixer channels.However, FX tails can NOT be heard even after pulling the channel fader of the DJ mixer all the way down.

*1 FX SEND/RETURN compatible DJ mixers: DJM-900NXS2, DJM-TOUR1, DJM-450, DJM-250MK2 and DJM-750MK2

What is the maximum recording hours?

The maximum recording time per a file is 3 hours.
Recording continues even if it exceeds 3 hours, however the recorded file is automatically saved per 3 hours and recording continues in a new file.

Can I edit the folder name in the recordings category in the tree view?

You cannot edit it in rekordbox.
The folder name in recordings category is displayed with reference to the Explorer/Finder on your OS.
When you edit the name of the folder saved in the Explorer/Finder on your OS, it will be reflected to your recordings category.

Can I change the location to save recorded files?

Yes. Change the [Location of Files] in the Preferences.
 ・Export mode
   [Preferences] > [Advanced] > [Recordings] > [Recordings] > [Location of Files]
 ・Performance mode
  [Preferences] > [Controller] > [Recordings] > [Recordings] > [Location of Files]

When you changed the location, the location in recordings category in the tree view will be displayed with reference to the new location and the folder you previously saved the recorded files will not be shown. Please relocate such audio files in the previous folder to the newly located folder, etc.

Can I import recorded files to iTunes?

Launch rekordbox and iTunes. Drag a recorded track in the track list of rekordbox and drop it to iTunes. The track is imported to iTunes.

When loading a track on a Deck, the track will not pause. How can I do that?

Open [Preferences] > [Controller] > [Deck] > [Auto Cue] and choose [Enable] for decks you wish to do so.


What are compatible DJ units for Sequence Load?

DDJ-RZX, DDJ-RZ, DDJ-RX and DDJ-RR have dedicated buttons for Sequence Load. (as of July 1, 2016)
Other DJ units do not have such buttons, however you can use Sequence Load function on rekordbox by using a mouse or keyboard shortcuts.

What are compatible DJ units for Sequence Call?

DDJ-RZX, DDJ-RZ, DDJ-RX, DDJ-RR and DDJ-RB have dedicated buttons for Sequence Call. (as of July 1, 2016)
Other DJ units do not have such buttons, however you can use Sequence Call function on rekordbox by using a mouse or keyboard shortcuts.

What are compatible DJ units for PC MASTER OUT?

For compatible units, please check the following pages:
 DJ Controller

What are compatible DJ units for MIC section on rekordbox dj (e.g. 3-band EQ and FX for MIC)?

When the following DJ unit is connected, the MIC section (the buttons and knobs) will be shown on the rekordbox dj screen.
You can control them using a mouse.

Compatible DJ units:
 DDJ-RR, DDJ-RB (as of April26, 2016).

When I updated rekordbox, MIDI settings of my device has changed. I already edited the MIDI settings using MIDI LEARN function before the update. Do the new settings maintain my original settings before the update?

When your MIDI control device is newly supported by rekordbox dj, the default MIDI settings are added to the MIDI control device.
The MIDI settings edited or added by yourself remain as they are even after updating rekordbox.
Only other MIDI settings than the above will be updated by the rekordbox update.

Which equipment support MIDI LEARN function?

You can use the MIDI LEARN function on rekordbox dj supported DJ units.
- Please refer to Compatible DJ units on our website. Click here for rekordbox dj supported DJ units
- CDJs and XDJ-1000/700 do not support MIDI LEARN function.
- We will not support MIDI LEARN function on DJ equipment except for rekordbox-DJ-supported units even if the MIDI LEARN function works on it.

What CDJ/XDJ supports Hot Cue D - H?

Hot Cue A - H can be used on the following CDJ. (As of September 1, 2016)
- CDJ-2000NXS2
- XDJ-1000MK2
Hot Cue A - D can be used on the following XDJ.

[ ? ] appears in the track list after I updated to rekordbox 4.0.6.

[?] icon appears for tracks analyzed with an older version of rekordbox.
Color waveform of such tracks cannot be displayed on CDJ-2000NXS2.
Right-click the track and select [Add new analysis data] from the drop-down menu.

Can I use PRO DJ LINK (Export mode) when connecting my computer with CDJ or DJM using a USB cable?

When the dedicated driver for USB connection (LINK Export) is installed, you can use PRO DJ LINK

after connecting your computer and the following equipment using a USB cable.

- CDJ-2000NXS2

Click here for the driver information

What file formats are supported by rekordbox ?

rekordbox supports the following formats :
Note: FLAC/ALAC is not available for export to devices or Link Export.

How do I show DJ application screen?

When rekordbox dj has been activated, select [PERFORMANCE] mode at the pull-down
menu in the upper left of the screen to display DJ application.
Select [EXPORT] mode to display rekordbox3 screen.

What is Internal/External Mixer Mode?

Within the preferences, ([Preferences] -> [Audio] -> [Mixer Mode]), there are two different modes available.
Internal: DJ Mix mode using the software mixer function.
External: DJ Mix mode using an external hardware mixer/controller.

Can colors and comments added to MEMORY CUEs and HOT CUEs be displayed on CDJ?

CDJ-TOUR1, CDJ-2000NXS2, XDJ-1000MK2, XDJ-1000 and XDJ-RX can display comments and colors of MEMORY CUEs as of September, 2016.
CDJ-TOUR1 and CDJ-2000NXS2 can display comments and colors of HOT CUEs as of September, 2016.

Can I restore backup data created in rekordbox 4 or earlier in rekordbox 5?

Yes, you can restore backup data created in rekordbox 4 or earlier in rekordbox 5.

Can the MY TAG added to a song be viewed in CDJ?

Checking the [Add “My Tag” to the “Comments”] checkbox under [Preferences] > [Advanced] > [My Tag] will enable you to add My Tag to the comment column and it is displayed in the comment column on the CDJ.

I recently bought a new computer, so I would like to transfer my rekordbox library from my old computer over to the new one. Is this possible?

You can transfer your library over to a new computer if you first backup the [Library] in the file menu and then restore the file on the new computer. Not only can you backup your Collection and Playlists but also set Cues, waveforms, and information on beats and tempos. You can also backup song files at the same time.

Can I edit iTunes playlists?

iTunes playlists cannot be directly edited from rekordbox, but playlists edited with rekordbox can be exported as files in m3u8 format and these playlist files can be imported to iTunes.

Can I synchronize my iTunes playlist to the device?

Yes, you can. To do so, select the Playlist in iTunes that you wish to synchronize in the Sync Manager and then synchronize the Playlist to rekordbox. If you then connect a device, you can choose to synchronize the synchronized Playlist to the connected device by selecting the Playlist.

Can I choose to have song tracks added to a playlist be deleted from the device when I delete the relevant playlist from the device?

Yes, you can. Select [CDJ&Device]->[Device] -> [Delete track] under [Preferences] to turn this option on.

Can I create an Intelligent Playlist in the device?

You cannot create Intelligent Playlists from the device directly. If you attempt to export an Intelligent Playlist to a device, it will be created as a regular Playlist.

What is the [Set a good match combination of tracks.] button used for in 2 Player mode?

If you register combination of tracks with a good match, you can use this button to display a list of recommended songs to play next based on information about the registered combination match.