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A blue triangle icon with a musical note in it is shown on the left side of tracks after I updated rekordbox to ver. 2.00 or later. What does the icon mean?

The blue triangle icon means that the track has not been analyzed to have the enlarged waveform shown on CDJ-2000nexus and the mobile version of rekordbox.
Right-click each track with the icon, and select "add new analysis data"; then, data for the enlarged waveform will be generated, and the blue triangle icon will disappear.
Tracks with the blue triangle icon are still playable on CDJ-2000nexus and the mobile version of rekordbox, but please note a couple of things below:
- If tracks with the icon are exported to a USB device or a mobile device, it will take more time to export them because the tracks are to be analyzed before being exported.
- If you play tracks with the icon on CDJ-2000nexus connected via PRO DJ LINK, the enlarged waveform will not be shown on the display of CDJ-2000nexus.

I bought a new computer. Can I move the rekordbox database and preferences to the new computer?

Yes, you can. Migration of rekordbox files can be performed only from Windows to Windows or Mac to Mac.
Before migrating rekordbox files, please ensure the following conditions:
- You must use exactly the same username on both computers.
- You need to ensure that both computers have exactly the same version of rekordbox installed.
* Please note that Pioneer is not responsible for any damages, losses, or other problems associated with migration of the rekordbox database and other files based on this information. Please ensure special care is taken when you take the following procedure.
Migration consists of two steps below.
Step 1: Migration of rekordbox files
On your current computer to copy files from, browse the following locations to find the rekordbox files. Note that you may need to unhide the hidden folders and files in order to see the rekordbox files. For more information of doing that on your specific OS, please ask the OS manufacturers.
[ In case of Windows ]
1) Open the rekordbox folder at the following location in your current computer.
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\Pioneer\rekordbox
Windows Vista: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\rekordbox
Windows 7: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\rekordbox
2) Make sure the following folder and files are in there.
- PIONEER (a folder in which there are files)
- datafile.edb
- rekordbox.settings
3) Copy the folder (along with files in there) and files above to the rekordbox folder at the same location of your new computer.
* Note * If the location of PIONEER folder is changed in the settings of preferences, please copy the folder to the same location of your new computer.
[ In case of Mac OS X ]
1) Open the rekordbox folder at the following location in your current computer.
2) Make sure the following folder and file are in there.
- PIONEER (a folder in which there are files)
- datafile.edb
3) Copy the folder (along with files in there) and the file above to the rekordbox folder at the same location of your new computer.
* Note * If the location of PIONEER folder is changed in the settings of preferences, please copy the folder to the same location of your new computer.
4) Next, open the rekordbox folder at the following location in your current computer.
5) Make sure the following file is in there.
- rekordbox.settings
6) Copy the file above to the rekordbox folder at the same location of your new computer.
Step 2: Migration of Music Files
Copy your music files from your current computer to your new computer.
[ If you copy your music files to the same location ]
Run rekordbox on your new computer, and make sure all your collections and preferences are retained. You will be able to play the tracks.
[ If you copy your music files to a different location ]
Run rekordbox on your new computer, and make sure preferences are retained. Tracks in your collection will be marked as [ ! ], which shows that files are missing; therefore, you need to relocate them.
From the [File] menu, select [Display All Missing Files]. Select the music file(s); then, click [Relocate] to assign a new location to them. If you select multiple files, all files in their folder(s) can be relocated collectively.
* Note * Please note that if you change the location or folder name in your new computer where the music files are also to be used with other software, the files might not be recognized by other software.
* Note * When migrating rekordbox files from Windows XP to Windows7 or to Windows Vista, if your music files are stored in the predefined OS system folder like "My Music," PRO DJ LINK might not function properly on the new computer because the folder name looks the same, but the actual location (directory path) is different. In such a case, please try the following procedure on your new computer:
1) End rekordbox.
2) Rename the folder name where the music files are stored.
3) Start rekordbox, and see the [Collection] pane to check if the music files in the renamed folder are marked as [ ! ] (missing files).
4) Then, relocate the missing music files. For detailed instructions, see [ If you copy your music files to a different location ] section above.

Please show me the XML format for playlists.

Please click here to see the XML format.

Is it possible to rearrange the DJ unit icons shown in the Link status panel?

Yes. The positions of the DJ unit icons which are displayed in the Link status panel can be dragged to the left and right.

How exactly do I use a Tag List?

Not the same as a playlist, a Tag List can be used for temporarily marking tracks for playback. A Tag List can be shared between your computer and a DJ Player connected via LAN cable (four players max).

What is the number I see inside the [LINK] button in the lower-left corner of my rekordbox screen?

This number is used so the DJ unit can distinguish between different instances of rekordbox if multiple computers are connected.

What does the [Background Color] displayed when a device is selected on the [Device] pane set?

This is the same background color which displays when you browse the USB device on your CDJ-2000. By setting the background color with rekordbox, it is possible to change the color displayed by the CDJ-2000 browse screen.

This may be set individually for each USB device/SD card. By setting the background colors for multiple USB devices/SD cards, the DJ is able to determine exactly which USB device/SD card is connected to the CDJ-2000 at any given time.

What is the [Color] setting function displayed on the Preferences screen or when a device is selected on the [Device] pane?

Music files managed with rekordbox can be divided into eight different color groupings. The names of these groupings may be changed.
As an example, say a DJ wishes to place lively or upbeat tracks within the same grouping. First, all of these tracks can be set to the color yellow. After this, the "Comments" section located in
Preferences->Color can be changed to a string - "Happy." The DJ then has the ability to uniquely sort by "Happy" songs which are associated with the color yellow on both rekordbox and the CDJ-2000.
* This setting is different from the setting used for changing the rekordbox or CDJ-2000 color display.

When is it best to use the Hot Cue Bank List feature?

Hot Cue Bank Lists can be created with rekordbox before they are used on the CDJ-2000. The DJ may create up to three hot cues for use on this player. These three cues (A, B, C) comprise one Hot Cue Bank List. Also, a Hot Cue Bank List may contain cues from different music files. By preparing multiple Hot Cue Bank Lists, the DJ gains the ability (not offered by previous players) to choose quickly and freely between a large number of cues while performing with the CDJ-2000.

Can artwork be added to playlists?

Artwork may also be set for Playlists and Hot Cue Bank Lists. This can be accomplished by right-clicking on a Playlist or Hot Cue Bank List which has been created, and selecting the "Add Artwork" option. Once the desired artwork file is chosen, the selection process is finished. This artwork can then be viewed on the DJ player screen, giving the DJ the capability to select from his lists in a more visually-oriented manner.

Can the information of multiple music files be edited simultaneously?

The editing of information for multiple music files is possible. To do this,
first select multiple tracks from within the [Collection] pane. As long as these tracks remain selected, changes to each track can be made by editing individual items through the [Infomation] pane. This is a convenient function when editing information on music files which share common information (album name, etc.).

When I change the rating of a track in iTunes after importing it to rekordbox, can the new rating be imported to rekordbox?

Information edited in iTunes can be imported to rekordbox by selecting the track then using the “Get Info from iTunes” command from the context menu.

Can I edit iTunes playlists?

iTunes playlists cannot be directly edited from rekordbox, but playlists edited with rekordbox can be exported as files in m3u8 format and these playlist files can be imported to iTunes.

What is the QUANTIZE feature in the Player Panel used for?

It can be used to set whether or not to perform quantization when setting cues and loops for tracks playing in the player panel.
When Quantize is set to “ON”, the cue and loop points are automatically created at the beat positions.

Category, Sort and Color values can be set from both [Preferences] and the [Device] pane. What's the difference?

Default settings can be set through [Preferences]. Settings from [Preferences] are automatically applied when an export to your USB device is performed for the first time. These settings may later be altered and customized for each device by using the Device Pane.

What can I accomplish by setting fields in Category and Sort?

With rekordbox it is possible to customize the display of Category and Sort items on your CDJ-2000/CDJ-900 by exporting them to your USB device. Once the USB device is connected, your CDJ-2000/CDJ-900 should display the exported settings.

What is the device name which is displayed when I select a USB device? Is this different from the volume name?

This is the name which will be displayed once your USB device is connected with your CDJ-2000/CDJ-900. This is different from the volume name that is associated with a device in Windows or MacOS.

What is DJ Play Count?

This represents the number of times a track on a [USB] device has been played on your DJ player. This count is increased when your playback history is saved as a rekordbox playlist.

How much free hard disk space is needed to import tracks to rekordbox?

The necessary space will vary depending on the length of each track and its artwork size. On average, the space will range from 10K to 100K.

What does the Update Collection option do?

This enables rekordbox to update your collection so that it reflects the most recent information after the information of tracks that have been exported to a USB device is changed on a DJ player or in the mobile version of rekordbox. The information that can be updated on a DJ player or in the mobile version of rekordbox includes cues, beat positions, ratings, comments and colors.

Can playlists or memory points be imported to rekordbox from any other applications?

iTunes playlists can be imported from the [Bridge] pane. In addition, playlist files (for example .m3u or .m3u8 files) can also be imported.
If the files are converted to rekordbox xml format, it is possible to import not only the playlists but also the cue and beat information.
For details on the rekordbox xml format, see here.

What image formats can be added as artwork?

rekordbox supports JPEG and PNG files.

What exactly are the PIONEER and CONTENTS folders located on my USB device/SD card?

These folders contain data which are used by rekordbox and DJ players. Please do not delete these.

Can the database file be moved?

The locations of tracks and the PIONEER folder (containing analysis files and artwork) can be changed, but the database file cannot be moved.

Can I backup collections, playlists and track analysis data?

Collection and playlist information as well as the information on set cues can be backed up and retrieved by selecting [Library] from the [File] menu.
Track analysis data cannot be backed up in this way. The analysis files are created in the PIONEER folder set in the preferences, so they can be backed up manually.
* The Windows AppData and Mac OS X Library folders may be set as hidden. For instructions on displaying them, contact the respective operating system’s manufacturer.

Can I undo the beat grid which was modified?

If you have not yet exited the beat position adjustment mode, the last ten operations can be undone using the UNDO button. The operations cannot be undone once you have exited the beat position adjustment mode, so right-click the music file and select [Analyze Track] to reanalyze the music file.

How many items can be stored in the DJ player's history?

Up to 999 items can be stored. After this, the items are overwritten, starting from the oldest item in the history.