rekordbox for iOS/Android now supports Google Drive cloud storage for Cloud Library Sync

We’ve updated our DJ app, rekordbox for iOS/Android, which is now compatible with the cloud storage service Google Drive when using the Cloud Library Sync feature.

You can download the latest version of rekordbox for iOS/Android from the App Store or Google Play for free.

rekordbox for iOS/Android is a DJ app that enables you to enjoy DJing anytime, anywhere, with a single smartphone or tablet.

With Cloud Library Sync, you can save playlists, Hot Cues, and other information to the cloud and seamlessly link everything with your library in rekordbox for Mac/Windows. You can also directly play with tracks stored in the cloud using CloudDirectPlay compatible DJ equipment such as the CDJ-3000 or OMNIS-DUO.

Support for Dropbox will continue, and now you can also choose to use Google Drive with rekordbox for iOS/Android.

Cloud Library Sync is available with a Creative or Professional plan subscription at rekordbox, or by adding the Cloud Option to another plan.

You can also sync up to 10 tracks and use the Cloud Library Sync feature with Free plan.

Download rekordbox for iOS/Android and start enjoying a smart DJ workflow that works with Google Drive.