Mobile DJ app rekordbox for iOS/Android now compatible with the DDJ-200

We’ve updated our DJ app rekordbox for iOS/Android so you can now connect to the DDJ-200 smart DJ controller via Bluetooth®/MD to start DJing for free. You can download the latest version of rekordbox for iOS/Android from the App Store or Google Play for free.

rekordbox for iOS/Android is a DJ app that enables you to enjoy DJing anytime, anywhere, with a single smartphone. As well as your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can also DJ easily on your iPad or Android tablet once you’ve downloaded the app.

rekordbox for iOS/Android now supports the DDJ-200 as well as the previously supported DDJ-FLX4.
The DDJ-200 is a compact DJ controller developed with the everyday use of smartphones in mind, and its Bluetooth connectivity allows for easy DJ performances in combination with rekordbox for iOS/Android.
There’s even a dedicated series of in-app tutorials explaining how to set up and use the controller, so anyone can enjoy DJing right away.