Even more ways to play

rekordbox dvs and the Control Vinyl work hand-in-hand to give you a smooth, low-latency scratching experience with excellent sound quality. The software uses the same audio processing engine as our pro-DJ set-up to deliver a high quality sound, while the lightweight Control Vinyl is highly responsive. rekordbox dvs adds keyboard shortcuts, accessed through your laptop keyboard, which allows you to quickly find hot cues, load decks and other shortcut tricks without the use of hardware. Plus you can use rekordbox MIDI Learn to assign features to your controller for even more flexibility. And you can use rekordbox dvs with all our DVS compatible mixers and controllers, so it will slot straight into your existing set-up.

Prepare your tracks in rekordbox
and perform with your choice of set-up.

Use your rekordbox library to perform on a range of DJ hardware, including CDJs, XDJs, controllers and turntables. Rekordbox records your performance history for you to review later, whatever set-up you choose.

Prepare and play from a single rekordbox library with various types of DJ equipment

rekordbox™ now allows many styles of DJ performance with various hardware - multi players, controllers and even with turntables thanks to the DVS support - with a single library. You can accumulate your performance history on various occasions back to the same library for even better DJing.

Absolute and Relative Modes

Auto configuration makes set-up quick and easy

Simply connect compatible equipment and press the button. Or you can tweak your settings in the Preferences screen. So you’re ready to play in seconds.

Get started with rekordbox dvs and the Control Vinyl

Ver4.1.0 or later
Plus Pack
rekordbox dj
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Plus Pack for rekordbox dj
rekordbox dvs
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Download rekordbox 4.1.0 or later for free here. Then you can:

  • Buy a rekordbox dj licence key and a rekordbox dvs licence key.
  • Subscribe to rekordbox dj and get rekordbox dvs as part of your monthly subscription plan.


To use the DVS feature on multiplayers, click here.