Enhanced track browsing

Selecting tracks is quicker and easier thanks to new functions such as My Tag and Preview.

  • Add pre-set and personalised tags with a single click, and use them to refine searches and find tracks quickly.

  • Make a note of great mixes; simply click Match when two tracks are playing in preview, and rekordbox will automatically suggest the match again when you play one of the tracks in the future.

  • Select track characteristics, e.g. key, BPM or genre, to view other tracks with similar characteristics. Plus, use the Match feature to assess this against well-matched mixes you've already performed.

  • View and select music direct from playlists via a waveform display then play tracks from a specified point, just like dropping a needle on a record.

  • Bookmark playlists and playlist folders to easily find tracks even within complex sets or folders.

Playlist Palette enables intuitive playlist editing

View up to five playlists simultaneously to move tracks between them more intuitively. Small-scale display is also possible when not editing playlists.

Assign colors and comments to cue points

Add comments and color coding to your cues, to give a visual representation of playback position and pre-set points.

Mix Mode to audition tracks for mixes

Play two tracks and use the in-software crossfader to audition the mix.

Sync Manager for easy management across all devices

View playlists from multiple software and devices, such as rekordbox/iTunes/USB, and sync to the latest version with one click.

New easy recording of analogue sound sources allows effortless management of all your music in one library

  • Start recording with ease thanks to the straightforward GUI. Recorded tracks are automatically added to your library so you can find them easily and add them to playlists.

  • Play your analogue sound source and rekordbox automatically starts recording, then it stops when it detects silence between tracks or when you pause playback. There’s no need for you to edit out silence.

    Auto start Auto stop Recording
  • Each time rekordbox detects silence and pauses recording, a new file is created and added to your library. There's no need to manually divide recorded audio into separate tracks.

    A record with three tracks
  • Thanks to the new normalise function, the volume of recorded tracks is automatically adjusted to a standard level and saved so you don't need to edit their volume manually.


How to use rekordbox

1. Download rekordbox (Ver.4.0.0 or later) and install it on your PC/Mac from here.
2. Launch rekordbox and click [Register for a rekordbox account] in the pop-up window.
3. Now you're ready to use the rekordbox for music file management.

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Plus Pack

Go beyond music management with rekordbox Plus Pack.

rekordbox dj

Use your rekordbox library to perform on your laptop and a controller as well as CDJs and XDJs.

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You can get a 30-day free trial of rekordbox dj when you download and install rekordbox (Ver.4.0.0 or later).

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