Power up your DJ style with plus packs

Your rekordbox dj license gives you access to an exciting line-up of features and functions, but there's even more. Plus Packs give you the power to take your set to a whole new level.

Unleash your creative power

Aim for the skies with rekordbox 5.0! With improved track loading, browsing and scrolling, rekordbox 5.0's track analytics delivers an even more stable Pioneer sound, and to top it all off.

$129.00 (w/o TAX) 1 license

rekordbox dj 30-Day Trial

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Scratch better. sound better.

Long live vinyl! Combining rekordbox dvs with Pioneer's highly responsive Control Vinyl gets you ready for smooth, low-latency scratching with excellent sound quality. That's because the software features the same audio processing engine as our pro-DJ hardware.

What's more, rekordbox dvs includes keyboard shortcuts (accessed through your laptop) for quick hot cues and other shortcut tricks. And for convenience, rekordbox dvs works with all our dvs compatible mixers and controllers, so it will slot straight into your own set-up.

$99.00 (w/o TAX) 1 license

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For sets that look as good as they sound

Why not add a wall of video to your wall of sound? You can mix large video and image files like a pro, thanks to Pioneer DJ's advanced video processing algorithm. You simply load images and videos to rekordbox decks as if they were audio tracks and then play them live. And when you keep all your music, images and videos in the same rekordbox library, you can use playlists and search functions to instantly access any file.

$149.00 (w/o TAX) 1 license

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Raise your game with creative FX

With RMX EFFECTS, FX taken from the RMX Remix Station units can be used to highlight exciting sections of tracks or insert breaks to create live remixes. RMX EFFECTS gives you 4 effects for highlighting exciting sections in tracks, and 5 effects for inserting breaks into tracks.

Plus, with BEAT FX (included with rekordbox dj), you get 18 more ways to manipulate your sounds including echoes, phases, rolls, reverb and robot SFX.

$9.90 (w/o TAX) 1 license

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