Back your beats with word power.

Turn your set into visual poetry with Lyric. Easily auto sync your set and display lyrics in tune with your video.

Turn lyrics into a visual spectacle synched to your DJ performance

Bring new possibilities to your DJ visuals through stunning graphical visualization of lyrics. rekordbox lyric has been co-developed with COTODAMA Inc., renowned for their "Lyric Sync Technology". With rekordbox lyric, you can create auto generated motion graphics that matches to the tune of your music tracks.

Customize visualized lyrics to match your scene

Motion graphics generated by rekordbox lyric can be customized to match with the vibe of your scene. In addition to choosing from a selection of motion types, adjusting color tones and more, you can also set individual parameters for text and background options like color and opacity.

Expand your visual possibilities by combining with rekordbox video

rekordbox lyric can be used in combination with rekordbox video. Visualized lyrics can be applied to rekordbox video's TRANSITION FX, making way for new visual possibilities when mixed using effects for video and image files.

30 day free trial of rekordbox dj

If you use the rekordbox dj trial version, you can try all Plus Packs including rekordbox lyric for 30 days. During the trial period, you can try rekordbox lyric's features using sample songs that can be downloaded through rekordbox. In the trial version, you can use the rekordbox lyric function only for the following sample songs provided from the Stones Throw label.

Sudan Archives - Come Meh Way

Stimulator Jones - Need Your Body

Stimulator Jones – Soon Never Comes

Mndsgn - Cosmic Perspective

Jonti - Tokorats

rekordbox dj 30-Day Trial

How to use rekordbox Lyric

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    Lyric Plan Subscription

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    you can subscribe to this plan to use rekordbox lyric.
  • Premium Plan Subscription

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* rekordbox lyric may not be available in your country. For a full list of supported countries please see here.
** Current monthly subscribers (now under Base Plan) who wish to add rekordbox lyric are advised to cancel their current subscription here, before signing up for the Premium Plan.