Release Notes

  • ver. 6.6.4 [2022.6.28]


    • Added Cloud Analysis.


    • Ability to add offline tracks to [Offline Locker]/[Downloads] folder by drag-and-drop in [Beatport, Beatsource]/[SoundCloud] services.


    • Occasionally unable to display KEY, waveform, and BPM for TIDAL tracks.
    • Incorrect level meter indication on a Mac.
    • Incorrect BeatGrid on Windows 11.
    • Occasionally the sound was muted during playback of M4A files on Windows.
    • Layout corrupted when outputting to an external monitor with a different resolution on a Mac.
    • Occasionally unable to launch rekordbox for the first time with an error message.
    • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.


    • Removed KUVO-related functions.
    • Support for an update to the rekordbox server.


  • ver. 6.6.3 [2022.4.5]


    • Crash when [Preferences] > [View] > [Switch JOG Display] is set to [HOT CUE COUNTDOWN] on Mac using Apple M1 chip.


  • ver. 6.6.2 [2022.3.29]


    • Cloud Library Sync is now partially available for Free and Core plan users.

    10 tracks can be added to the playlist, uploaded to the cloud, and synced with other devices.

    In addition, with rekordbox CloudDirectPlay, tracks from this playlist will also be available on the CDJ-3000.

    • Support for exFAT formatted USB storage devices and SD cards.

    The following DJ equipment support exFAT:

    CDJ-3000 (ver. 1.20 or later)

    XDJ-XZ (ver. 1.23 or later)

    XDJ-RX3 (ver. 1.11 or later)


    • Support for Lossless (FLAC) files in TIDAL's new HiFi plan.
    • Model Number of lighting fixture is now displayed in the FIXTURE LIBRARY screen in LIGHTING mode.


    • Potential crash when loading or playing a track on Mac.
    • Potential crash when clicking [Update Collection].
    • Occasionally the Lyric function didn't work on Windows.
    • On Mac containing Apple's M1 chip with macOS Monterey, freeze occurred for several minutes when launching rekordbox for the first time or switching between layouts or screens.
    • Occasionally subscription plan could not be activated after changing plan.
    • Potential crash when loading unimported Beatport LINK tracks on Windows.
    • Occasionally unable to log in to Beatport.
    • Unable to sync grid information edited in rekordbox for iOS/Android with that in rekordbox for Mac/Windows when using Mobile Library Sync.
    • Crossfader assignment didn't return to the previous setting when canceling Automix.
    • Automatic deck selection for lighting worked incorrectly when the enlarged waveform was displayed as [3-1-2-4].
    • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.


  • ver. 6.6.1 [2021.11.30]


    • macOS Monterey now supported.
    • Windows 11 now supported.
    • rekordbox CloudDirectPlay is now available.
    • Added a feature to automatically retrieve analysis information from the Internet. (This feature can be used for free on the Beta version, but it is being considered to become a Paid plan feature in the future. )


    • On macOS Big Sur, layout was momentarily messed up when switching modes or layouts.
    • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.


  • ver. 6.6.0 [2021.11.16]


    • XDJ-RX3 compatibility added.
    • Added VINYL BRAKE to Beat FX.
    • Support for SoundCloud DJ.
    • Support for GOBO in LIGHTING mode.


    • Added a feature to export and import lighting settings in LIGHTING mode.
    • Added the following to DMX Direct Control:

    The number of DMX channels that can be controlled by DMX Direct Control
    Items that can sync with a button
    A function to control a value with a knob or slider

    • Automatic deck selection for lighting is now available in PERFORMANCE mode when connected with the following units:


    • Vocal position detection is now available on Mac containing Apple's M1 chip.
    • BEAT JUMP Pad page is now retained when you start rekordbox next time.
    • Added the following features to MIDI LEARN:

    Active Loop Select(HotCue, MemoryCue)
    Active Loop Off (HotCue, MemoryCue)

    • CFX Select Next/Back in MIDI LEARN mapping is now available when connected with the following units that don't have the Sound Color FX button:

    (Windows only) DDJ-WeGO2/DDJ-WeGO/DDJ-ERGO

    • New option included not to update track information when synchronizing with Apple Music App or iTunes using SYNC MANAGER.
    • You can use multiple fonts in Video function.


    • Keys were not displayed on the main display and jog displays on the XDJ-XZ when connected via LINK EXPORT.
    • Potential freeze when loading SoundCloud tracks.
    • Occasionally live sharing stopped when using KUVO - Live Playlist.
    • On Mac, occasionally wrong files were relocated when Auto Relocate was executed.
    • Potential crash when launching rekordbox on Mac with IntelⓇ HD Graphics 4000.
    • Occasionally recording stopped unexpectedly.
    • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.


  • ver. 6.5.3 [2021.8.24]


    • New subscription plan, the Professional plan, is now available.
    • Supports rekordbox Cloud Unlimited powered by Dropbox that allows you to upload unlimited music files to the cloud storage.
    • Supports Collection Auto Upload that allows you to automatically upload music files in your Collection to the cloud storage.
    • Supports Device library backup that allows you to backup your data exported on USB storage devices to your computer or the cloud storage so that you can recover it at any time if the device is lost.
    • Added PING PONG and HELIX to Beat FX.


    • The ESC key is now enabled to clear the Search filter.
    • Vocal position now shows on a PC/Mac that doesn’t support AVX, only for tracks that have been analyzed on a PC/Mac that does support AVX.
    • Sound Color FX knobs for the Sampler and Master are now always displayed on the screen.
    • Added the following long-awaited features to MIDI LEARN:
      • CFX Select Next/Back (only in the CFX USER mode of the Sound Color FX single mode)
      • CFX On
      • Browse Up/Down
      • Video Load Deck 1/2
      • FX Select Back


    • Occasionally downloaded tracks may not be displayed in the Promo Locker in the browse tree when Inflyte tracks are set to be downloaded to USB storage devices.
    • The [AUTO/TAP] button would not light up properly when switching to Auto or Tap mode on controllers equipped with the [AUTO/TAP] button for Beat FX.
    • Occasionally changes to the Auto Gain settings may not be saved.
    • Occasionally the track analysis data may not be synchronized when using Cloud Library Sync.
    • Potential freeze when importing Histories from a device.
    • Occasionally the Sound Color FX user settings that has been set when a controller was connected was unexpectedly changed when rekordbox is started.
    • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.


  • ver. 6.5.2 [2021.6.22]


    • Support for Free DJ Playlists of SoundCloud.
    • Support for MIDI/HID control in LIGHTING mode.


    • Key shift algorithm when using Key Sync.
    • Range of highlighted key is now selectable in Traffic Light.
    • Added DMX Direct Control 4 - 9 in MIDI LEARN and PAD EDITOR.
    • Imported streamed tracks are now shown in the Intelligent Playlists.
    • Now up to 100000 artists can be shown for streamed tracks.
    • BPM and key information from Soundcloud, Beatport LINK, and Beatsource LINK is now shown when browsing.
      Note: If you want to use the key provided by each streaming service, uncheck the key in the [Analysis Setting] dialog.


    • Date Created showed incorrectly when importing tracks to Mac.
    • Occasionally tracks were exported incorrectly on Mac.
    • Unable to export setting files via MIDI LEARN function if the name of the DJ equipment includes certain characters.
    • Unable to browse when installing rekordbox ver.6 for the first time, exporting tracks to a USB storage device and connecting it to CDJ/XDJ.
    • Occasionally My Tag disappeared when executing [Update Collection].
    • [Show / Hide Pad and Platter] settings weren't carried over when closing and opening rekordbox.
    • Potential crash when deleting playlists.
    • Tracks in the KEY category wouldn’t show when browsing on the CDJ-2000/900 via LINK EXPORT.
    • Beat information on the touch display wouldn't change when changing BEAT FX parameters on the DDJ-RZX.
    • Occasionally brightness dropped when the Lighting panel is shown/hidden in PERFORMANCE mode.
    • Occasionally Cloud Library Sync failed when too many tracks/playlists in a library.
    • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.


  • ver. 6.5.1 [2021.3.2]


    • Support for SoundCloud Go+: High Quality Streaming.
    • macOS Big Sur now supported. (Driver software included)


    • You can use rekordbox (Hardware Unlock) when the following mixer and PC/Mac is connected via USB cable and the mixer and the CDJ-3000 are connected via LAN.


    • Added the following format for rendering audio files in EDIT mode.

    Mac: FLAC, AIFF, M4A(256kbps)

    • Automatic deck selection for lighting is now available in PERFORMANCE mode when PC/Mac is connected with the following units via USB cable.


    *NOTE: The DJM-V10-LF is not compatible with this feature. If the auto mode does not work as expected, please select the deck manually.

    • Changing and saving WAVEFORM CURRENT POSITION on the CDJ-3000's enlarged waveform is now available.
    • Tracks with m4p extension in iTunes Library are now shown as those with unsupported formats.


    • Offline Locker edits would not be reflected immediately for Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK tracks.
    • Occasionally artwork disappeared when importing Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK tracks.
    • Unable to log in to TIDAL.
    • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.


  • ver. 6.5.0 [2021.1.28]


    • DJM-S7 compatibility added.
    • Sample Scratch feature has now been added to Pad Editor.


    • Operation of the rotary selector on the CDJ-3000 when connected in HID mode.
    • Sound quality when editing a track with high audio volume level in Edit mode and rendering it as an audio file.


    • Occasionally a red notification badge on the MY PAGE button or a caution message would appear when connecting a Hardware Unlock device.
    • Grid information of tracks could be overwritten when executing [Add New Analysis Data].
    • Occasionally unable to use Mobile Library Sync with an error message indicating a different account is used when logged in with the same account.
    • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.


  • ver. 6.4.2 [2020.12.22]


    • New keyboard shortcuts have now been added for LIGHTING mode.
    • Notes have now been added for fixture information in the search results in the FIXTURE LIBRARY screen for LIGHTING mode.
    • The file type of TIDAL tracks will now appear as TIDAL(FLAC) or TIDAL(AAC).


    • Occasionally tracks were deleted incorrectly when attempting to delete a track in a playlist in Export mode.
    • At times the Library conversion stopped mid way.
    • Potential crash after canceling library conversion.
    • Potential security issue.
    • Column settings in a track list would reset to the default.
    • Occasionally too many "Track exists in the collection" messages appeared during Auto Relocate.
    • Occasionally effects didn't work correctly when connecting a Pioneer DJ product with a TIME control.
    • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.