Release Notes

  • ver. 6.0.3 [2020.7.15]


    • rekordbox ver. 6 wouldn't start: freeze showing "Preparing…".
    • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.
  • ver. 6.0.2 [2020.6.17]


    • Sometimes unable to start rekordbox.
    • Unable to play or export tracks that are uploaded to the cloud using Cloud Library Sync from iTunes/Explorer/Inflyte in the Tree View.
    • Unable to upload files properly if they have similar long names in Cloud Library Sync.
    • Unable to display remixer metadata when searching Beatport LINK/Beatsource LINK.
    • Potential crash when analyzing Beatport LINK/Beatsource LINK tracks.
    • Sometimes Sync Manager playlist synchronization on Windows wouldn't work properly, causing playlists and tracks to be deleted from the device.

    Note: If using ver. 6.0.0 or ver. 6.0.1, delete the following file while rekordbox is closed, before installing ver. 6.0.2:


    • Sometimes the color for played tracks may be reset against the settings.
    • Sometimes unable to install rekordbox.
    • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.
  • ver. 6.0.1 [2020.5.26]


    • Support for Beatsource LINK streaming service.
    • Added a vocal analysis feature that detects and displays the vocal position in the track.
    • Added XDJ-RX and RB-DMX1 to Hardware Unlock device list.


    • Support for Beatport LINK service has been significantly updated:

    Loaded tracks will no longer be automatically saved to Offline Locker.

    More search categories including Artist and Album.

    Improved search feature in the Search Tracks and Genre trees.

    The Offline Locker tree now shows the number of tracks in the Locker.

    • USER Color setting is now available on the Lighting panel.
    • Improvement made to the Cloud Library Sync:

    Auto Upload to automatically upload tracks to cloud storage when tracks are added to a specific playlist.

    • Renewed phrase analysis display in the waveform.
    • Ability to show an error when connecting a USB device/SD card formatted with an unsupported file system.
    • Save Sampler Sequence unlocked in PERFORMANCE mode when connecting DDJ-RZX, RZ, RX, or and RR.
    • Improved Auto Start time of Ambient Mode of Lighting function from 5 seconds to 1 second.


    • The channel level indicator on the DDJ-WeGO2 didn't light up.
    • EXPORT mode keyboard shortcuts [Shrink beat intervals] and [Expand beat intervals] were reversed.
    • Unable to login to YouTube and upload DJ mix.
    • Browse delayed when Related Tracks are displayed in a sub-panel.
    • Related Tracks and Track Suggestion were slow to retrieve and it took a long time to load from there.
    • My Tag configuration of Intelligent Playlists wasn't converted from the library of ver. 5 or earlier.

    Note: If you're experiencing this issue with ver. 6.0.0, check the following:
    [File] > [Library] > [Import MyTag data in the condition of Intelligent Playlists from ver.5 (or earlier)]

    • [Add My Tag to the Comments] worked incorrectly.
    • Unable to open the database file; added a process to use automatically backed-up files.
    • Sometimes track analysis stopped.
    • rekordbox v.6.0.0 wouldn't start, freeze showing "Preparing…"
    • Unable to select [Add New Analysis Data] when [Analysis Lock] is enabled.
    • Sometimes unable to delete Matching track information.
    • Sometimes unable to change the order of tracks in a playlist.
    • Some playlists were missing when displaying the playlists including the selected track.
    • Some My Tags were converted incorrectly from the ver. 5 library (or earlier).
    • Cue points weren't displayed on Full Waveform when loading a track with [?] icon.
    • Sometimes unable to import Histories from devices properly.
    • Sometimes beatgrids of Beatport Link tracks weren't aligning properly. (Windows)
    • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.
  • ver. 6.0.0 [2020.4.14]

    The subscription plans have changed for rekordbox ver. 6. (You can't activate rekordbox ver. 6 using a rekordbox dj license key. You'll need to start a subscription plan for ver. 6 if you want to use the latest version of the application.)


    • DJM-V10 compatibility added.
    • New subscription plans available.
    • Added MY PAGE.
    • Added Cloud Library Sync feature.
    • Added Mobile Library Sync feature.
    • Added Inflyte support.
    • Added Ableton Link feature.
    • Added 3Band waveform.
    • Added Skin settings to select Dark/Light for the screen’s base color.
    • Added Auto Relocate feature to automatically find missing files.
    • Added filter to the Attribute Column (Collection and playlists only).
    • Added Ambient mode on the Lighting panel.
    • Added DMX Direct Control on the Lighting panel.


    • Ability to add video files to audio playlists.
    • Added [All Audio] and [All Videos] in the tree view.
    • Ability to add tracks from streaming services streaming tracks to playlists.
    • Blinking interval when Strobe (Middle) is selected on the Lighting panel.
    • Added copy feature for venues and scenes in Lighting mode.
    • Added Moving Head pan/tilt limit setting and tilt reverse setting in Lighting mode.