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About rekordbox (iOS)

  • Can I DJ using only rekordbox (iOS)?

    rekordbox (iOS) is a music management application, so it doesn't have the functions needed for DJing.
    For DJing, you can load tracks from rekordbox (iOS) to a CDJ/XDJ via a PRO DJ LINK connection.


  • Can I use rekordbox (iOS) on my iPad?

    rekordbox (iOS) is not supported on an iPad.


  • Can I use a library from an earlier version of rekordbox (iOS) with rekordbox (iOS) ver. 3?

    Libraries from earlier versions of rekordbox (iOS) can't be used with rekordbox (iOS) ver. 3. If you're using a PC/Mac, you can convert the library from a version of rekordbox (Mac/Windows) earlier than ver. 6 to use with rekordbox (Mac/Windows) ver. 6. Then you can sync it with rekordbox (iOS) ver. 3.


  • Does my rekordbox (iOS) ver. 3 library sync with the one in a version of rekordbox (Mac/Windows) earlier than ver. 6?

    The rekordbox (iOS) ver. 3 library can't sync with the one in a version of rekordbox (Mac/Windows) earlier than ver. 6. Please use rekordbox (Mac/Windows) ver. 6 to sync a library with rekordbox (iOS) ver. 3.