New rekordbox introduction

What is rekordbox

rekordbox supports every aspect of DJing for a creative, hassle-free experience: from music management and set preparation to performance and set reviews.

  • Before DJing
  • During DJing
  • After DJing

Before DJing

  • Load music into rekordbox to prepare sets. Features include automatic analysis of beats and BPM, cue and loop point configuration, and playlist creation.

  • Export prepared tracks and playlists to USB devices (flash memory or hard drive).
    Export music to the rekordbox app to play and prepare music while in the booth or on the move. Tracks can also be loaded from the rekordbox app to supporting CDJs.

During DJing

  • Quickly select tracks from playlists and access with pre-configured cue and loop points for effortless performances.

  • Performance history is automatically saved, including the order of music played, cue and loop points accessed, etc.

After DJing

  • Review sets and prepare for your next performance by adding comments, ratings and personalised colour coding.