rekordbox ver.5.2.0 has been released.

Release notes
-Compatible device added: RB-DMX1
-LIGHTING mode (rekordbox dj license required)
-KUVO Live Playlist which can share your playlist in real time.
 Currently you can check the playlist only on KUVO beta website.
 * KUVO official update is scheduled in March 2018.

-Added an auto cross fade option to Automix. (Available when playing on a standby deck.)
-Added an option to perform Instant Doubles when the same track is loaded to a deck.
-Improved detection ability when database files in devices are corrupted.

-Tracks were not sorted with alphabetical order on the explorer tree
-The windows’ width of My Tag configuration/Related Tracks list/Information/Sub browser got bigger if these windows are shown/hidden repeatedly.
-With DDJ-RZX, FX display was turned off when BEAT UP/DOWN was pressed while FX was turned on.
-On Windows audio driver of DJ equipment was not recognized if it was connected while only Lyric was selected in the global section.
-Video crossfader worked incorrectly in External Mixer mode.
-Audio output channels settings were not saved in External Mixer mode.
-Related tracks could not show tracks from intelligent playlists.
-Related tracks could not show tracks "From Selected Playlist" in the tree view in Ver5.1.0 or later.
-Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.

Important Pulselocker announcement

We regret to inform you that the music streaming service Pulselocker, has ceased their service as of November 10, 2017.

Within rekordbox, DJs were able to stream music with Pulselocker, and we send our sincere apologies that this function will become disabled.

For further inquiries please refer to the Pulselocker email provided below:

Dear Pulselocker Customer,
It is with an incredibly heavy heart that we have to send this message. As of today, November 10th, 2017, Pulselocker is ceasing operations.

Six years ago we set out to provide a unique service to the DJ community—we believe we succeeded in providing something truly revolutionary that was well received by all of you. Due to a combination of market circumstances and financial constraints, we must re-organize our current structure if we are to successfully serve you in the future. After exhaustively searching for alternatives, we have made the extremely hard decision to shut down our operations.

We realize this news comes incredibly fast and we are truly sorry for the inconveniences this may cause. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for the support you’ve shown Pulselocker and our deepest apologies for the speed and inconvenience of this announcement.

We will continue to search for ways to bring the service back to you in a bigger and better way. We are proud of the community that rallied behind our technology and thank you for your support and patronage.

The Pulselocker Team

Pioneer DJ Account launches

To make it easier to access and manage all of our services and manage your account,we’ve merged all things Pioneer DJ into one account. You can now access and manage your rekordbox, Kuvo and Forum account as well as register to stay up to date with all the latest news and offers.

Log into your account on, and as well as from within the rekordbox software on PC/Mac and the Kuvo application.

To log in use the same email address and password you’ve used in the past to access rekordbox and Kuvo, registered forum users can use the same email address but will have to set a new password.

Terms of use updated
 The terms of use has been updated upon the Pioneer DJ Account launch. Please see the latest terms of use here.
 Please see the FAQ's here.

Public beta version of rekordbox released especially for rekordbox video users.

Public beta version of rekordbox [4.2.4 advanced] has been released mainly for rekordbox video license users as well as those who want to use the rekordbox video license in Trial mode.

Click here for more infomation.

Important information for Mac users who installed rekordbox with OS X (10.10) or earlier

We have identified that rekordbox dj licence could become invalid when updating to OS X El Capitan (10.11).
Please deactivate rekordbox dj at [Preferences] before attempting to update to OS X El Capitan (10.11).
After updating, please activate rekordbox dj again.

rekordbox(iOS) ver.2.0.0 has been released.

rekordbox(iOS) ver.2.0.0 has been released.