5 fresh rekordbox Control Vinyl designs: expressing DJ culture through kanji characters

We’ve released a collection of rekordbox control vinyl featuring 5 new designs. Each RB-VD2 set contains two control vinyl which records celebrate a different aspect of DJ culture.

The special designs incorporate kanji – the Chinese characters used in Japanese writing – on the dust jacket of each set and label of each record to express one of 5 key aspects of dance music: “music (音)”, “mix (繋)”, “scratch (擦)”, “jump (舞)”, or “dance (踊)”.

When using control vinyl with a rekordbox DVS setup, you can play, mix, and scratch tracks from your PC/Mac with the same feeling as if you’re using analog records.

Product category: Control Vinyl for rekordbox
Model number: RB-VD2-K / RB-VD2-CR / RB-VD2-CB / RB-VD2-W / RB-VD2-CL


* To use this control vinyl, you’ll need an INTERFACE 2 audio interface or a DJ setup that’s compatible with the DVS function in rekordbox. Please check here for the latest information on compatible equipment.

* To use the DVS function in rekordbox, you’ll need to subscribe to the rekordbox Core or Creative plan. Some Hardware Unlock devices also give you access to DVS control when they’re connected to your setup – even if you’re using the rekordbox Free plan. Find a list of the relevant devices here.