Visual Effects

Take advantage of the distinctive visual effects that are unique to rekordbox

Special features for mobile DJs

rekordbox includes a number of handy features for mobile DJs. Feedback Reducer automatically lessens the “howling” sound caused by microphones. Automix automatically mixes songs smoothly by using the information from phrase analysis. And Active Censor automatically applies effects to pre-specified tracks in order to disguise explicit lyrics.

Visual effects for mobile DJs

Whatever kind of event or venue you’re playing at, you can have your audience in raptures with the help of rekordbox. Add videos and still images to your performances, display animated visualizations of the lyrics, and sync exciting lighting effects with the music to create drama on the dancefloor as each track reaches its climax.

Visual effects for small venues

rekordbox supports PRO DJ LINK LIGHTING, the function that uses the metadata of the track being played on a CDJ to control lighting fixtures. The connected computer receives the data through PRO DJ LINK and controls the lighting equipment via the RB-DMX1 interface. This enables small clubs and venues without lighting operators to have lighting that’s automatically synchronized with the development of each track the DJ plays.

Visual effects for live shows

PRO DJ LINK is available to visual production companies under license to enable links between DJ performances and show visuals such as lighting, video, and special effects. This enables DJs, event producers, LJs, video creators, and VJs to make the synergy of sound and visuals more effective and create more engaging shows for audiences.

  • Light Skin: Switch to a high-contrast screen against a white background to ensure visibility in bright conditions, such as outdoors during the daytime.

  • Slideshow: Automatically switch images and play a slideshow using the image files saved within a playlist.

  • Text: Overlay text you’ve typed on videos output to the master deck. Use various settings to customize the text, such as transparency, position, and animation.

  • Image: Add images to the ones on the master deck. You can also adjust transparency, position, and animation.

  • Camera: Overlay videos from the camera connected to your PC/Mac on the Video master deck.

  • Transition FX: slide the crossfader to switch from one track to the next via a professional-standard transition.

  • Touch FX: Simply trace your fingers along the X and Y axes on the screen of selected hardware to adjust parameters and add FX to a video. You can also use the cursor on the rekordbox screen.

  • Color tones: Adjust the colors of the animations generated by the Lyric feature.

  • Motion types: Change the type of animation used by the Lyric feature.

  • Macro Mapping: Easily customize a lighting effect by selecting your favorite pattern from a wide variety of preset options.

  • Macro Edit: Create more detailed lighting effects by delving into elements of the track analysis, such as waveforms and beatgrid. The intuitive interface makes it easy to edit the rhythmic lighting, which reflects the mood of the track.

  • Fixture Library: Create and store multiple settings for lighting equipment registered in the Fixture Library. Download the latest version of rekordbox to check if your lighting equipment is included. If it isn’t, you can apply for registration via the Pioneer DJ Forum[link:].

  • Automatic lighting creation: Let the phrase analysis in rekordbox automatically create exciting lighting patterns that are synchronized with each track.