rekordbox ver. 6.6.2 has been released.

rekordbox ver. 6.6.2 has been released.

March 29, 2022

release notes


  • Cloud Library Sync is now partially available for Free and Core plan users.

10 tracks can be added to the playlist, uploaded to the cloud, and synced with other devices.

In addition, with rekordbox CloudDirectPlay, tracks from this playlist will also be available on the CDJ-3000.

  • Support for exFAT formatted USB storage devices and SD cards.

The following DJ equipment support exFAT:

CDJ-3000 (ver. 1.20 or later)

XDJ-XZ (ver. 1.23 or later)

XDJ-RX3 (ver. 1.11 or later)


  • Support for Lossless (FLAC) files in TIDAL's new HiFi plan.
  • Model Number of lighting fixture is now displayed in the FIXTURE LIBRARY screen in LIGHTING mode.


  • Potential crash when loading or playing a track on Mac.
  • Potential crash when clicking [Update Collection].
  • Occasionally the Lyric function didn't work on Windows.
  • On Mac containing Apple's M1 chip with macOS Monterey, freeze occurred for several minutes when launching rekordbox for the first time or switching between layouts or screens.
  • Occasionally subscription plan could not be activated after changing plan.
  • Potential crash when loading unimported Beatport LINK tracks on Windows.
  • Occasionally unable to log in to Beatport.
  • Unable to sync grid information edited in rekordbox for iOS/Android with that in rekordbox for Mac/Windows when using Mobile Library Sync.
  • Crossfader assignment didn't return to the previous setting when canceling Automix.
  • Automatic deck selection for lighting worked incorrectly when the enlarged waveform was displayed as [3-1-2-4].
  • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.