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    可以进行rekordbox程序库的音乐管理。如果有Hardware Unlock对象设备,还可以免费享受Core Plan同等功能。

    • Export模式
    • 通过PC进行DJ控制
  • Core

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    30 day Free Trial*


    30 day Free Trial*


    • Export模式
    • Performance功能
    • DVS控制
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    $149 / 年


    30 day Free Trial*


    30 day Free Trial*


    • Export功能
    • Cloud Library Sync
    • Performance功能
    • DVS功能
    • Lyric功能
    • Video功能
    • 音序器
    • Vocal位置解析・显示
    • Edit模式
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  • *订阅年付Core套餐后,变更为Creative套餐时,仅可订阅年付套餐。
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Creative Core Free
免费 Hardware Unlock device
激活设备数 4 2
Export mode
乐曲管理 可连接Pioneer DJ出品的DJ机器,一体化管理音乐文件夹及数据等。
录音 可对所接入机器传送的声音进行录音。
Mobile Library Sync 可与电脑及手机设备接入同一网络,并通过电脑传输乐曲,进入电脑和手机设备共通的Library。
Cloud Library Sync 如将乐曲上传至网盘,则多个设备均可进入最新的所有Library。网盘支持Dropbox。
Vocal位置解析・显示*3 波形上显示检测到vocal的位置。可以迅速掌握vocal的位置,并将其应用于混音等演奏中。
Performance mode
Audio Output 可从电脑内置的扬声器及连接了电脑的音频处理接口输出声音。
通过PC进行DJ控制 可通过电脑鼠标、键盘来操作DJ。
使用DJ产品控制 可通过连接了电脑的DJ机器来控制DJ功能。 All supported devices All supported devices Hardware Unlock devices only
Video play 搭载了独门研发的动画处理算法,视频效果不辜您所期。在乐曲文件夹的基础上,增加了影像及画面文件夹。
Video output 输出影像显示用的窗口可向外部监控器进行输出。Free、Core计划中,向外部监控器输出的窗口中有特别备注。 *1 *1 DDJ-RZX *1
Lyric 从收录了超过200万首曲子的数据库中提取歌词相关数据,并将歌词和乐曲同步进行动态显示。在Free、Core计划中,如超过150字,则会显示xxx。 *1 *1 *1
Recording 可对DJ演奏进行录音。
Sharing mixes 已录音的DJ mix可通过KUVO、Mixcloud、YouTobe等社交媒体在全球范围内共享。
DVS 使用专用的Control Vinyl,可快速进行搓盘。呈现给您不亚于使用模拟记录演奏DJ的音质和灵敏度,不辜您所期。 Hardware Unlock devices only *2
流传输支持 可将音乐流媒体服务中的乐曲添加至rekordbox的播放列表中。
采样/Playback 可对样本演奏的片段进行录音和循环。
Sampler sequence saving 最多可保存8条已录音的样本演奏片段。 Hardware Unlock devices only Hardware Unlock devices only
Mobile Library Sync 可与电脑及手机设备接入同一网络,并通过电脑传输乐曲,进入电脑和手机设备共通的Library。
Cloud Library Sync 如将乐曲上传至网盘,则多个设备均可进入最新的所有Library。
Vocal位置解析・显示*3 波形上显示检测到vocal的位置。可以迅速掌握vocal的位置,并将其应用于混音等演奏中。
乐曲的编辑 乐曲的编辑
保存已编辑的乐曲 保存已编辑的乐曲
Lighting mode
Editing the lighting scene 按照乐曲的乐句自动生成极具效果性的灯光秀。可大幅缩减灯光秀所需的时间。
Control the lighting equipment 将灯光秀信息转换为DMX512信号,从而控制DMX512对应的照明机器群。 RB-DMX1 RB-DMX1 RB-DMX1 RB-DMX1

*1 部分功能被限制。
*2 部分机型不支持。
*3 如要使用Vocal Position Detection,需要配有支持AVX的CPU




Plan - /

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Purchase Terms and Condition

By purchasing paid subscription plan for rekordbox you agree to the following terms and conditions.


AlphaTheta Corporation


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4-4-5 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 220-0012 Japan


For inquiries, please use the following inquiry form. We offer 24/7 customer support. Telephone inquiries are not accepted.


Features of the Application
・Application for music management and DJ players (for Windows/Mac), and its extensions
*For details, please refer to the product page.


System Requirements
For system requirements, please refer to the following page.


Sales Prices
Sales prices are listed in the product page. Prices with each currency will be shown in the order entry process.
Other Necessary Expenditures
・Taxes imposed in each country (e.g. consumption tax, VAT) *Total purchase fee including taxes will be shown in the order entry process.
・Internet communication fee for downloading software and registration *All internet communication charges must be paid by the customer.


Necessary Expenditures after Purchase
Internet communication fee may be applied, whilst operating Application. To use the full functionality of the Application it requires access to the internet.


Restrictions on Products
Depends on each rekordbox plan, application can be installed into some computers per license as following list :

rekordbox plan numbers of computer
Core plan 2
Creative plan 4


Payment Methods
Payment shall be made by a credit card or through the PayPal system. Customers will be charged based on a cut-off date designated by a credit-card company or a clearing company. Payment will be completed by the transaction system of our agency, Digital River Inc.


Method of Product Delivery
After completing payment, the Application which you bought will be activated. Delivery is completed when the completing payment.


Returning Products and Refunds
To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, due to the nature of the products,
all sales are final and returns are not accepted. For more details, refer to the General Terms and Conditions listed on the purchase screen.”


Subscription Agreements

1. Subscription agreement allows customers to use contents of the software, for one month (“Expiration date of the first agreement”) from the day on which the purchase has been completed by the customers who have a good understanding of the contents written on this site.

2. Subscription agreement will be automatically renewed for another period of one month (“Expiration date of automatically renewed agreements”), unless particular cancellation in writing is made by customers. In the case of AlphaTheta confirming the cancellation during the subscription terms, the agreement will end at the expiration date of such terms.

3. In the case referred to in the preceding paragraph, even when cancellation of the agreements has been completed, all customer’s liabilities during the subscription terms will not be extinguished until such obligations have been fulfilled. Customers acknowledge that any paid fee for the subscription will not be refunded.


Aftercare Service
For aftercare services, please contact us via an inquiry form.


Responsibility of Buyers
In order to use rekordbox, customers must implement registration in the Pioneer DJ account.


The Latest Information on the Application
The latest information on the Application is available in the following page.


Procedures for Settling Disputes
The following legal conditions shall be applied to disputes stemmed from purchase of the products.
(1) All disputes shall be governed by the Japanese Law.
(2) All disputes arising between AlphaTheta Corporation and customers shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.


Which laws apply to this contract and where you may bring legal proceedings:

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