rekordbox Cloud Unlimited powered by Dropbox setup guide

Upgrade to Professional Plan

Join the Professional DJ team

Unlimited capacity

Step 1. Upgrade to Professional Plan

Customers can use unlimited storage capacity for the cloud storage service by upgrading to Professional Plan.

Step 2. Joining the Professional DJ team

Follow the steps below to configure the settings.

Please see these terms of use concerning the usage of personal data.

Personal files in your Dropbox folder cannot be accessed by anyone but yourself. Please confirm these terms concerning the handling of personal data. Personal data is protected at the same level of security as conventional personal Dropbox account.

Please refer to the FAQ here.

Procedures to join the Professional DJ team

Use your Dropbox account

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Create a new Dropbox account

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An error may occur if the following accounts are used. Please follow the instructions here.

Account with "Sign in with Apple ID"

Account that has already joined another Dropbox team