rekordbox Cloud powered by Dropbox
Setup Guide

Please follow the steps below to use rekordbox Cloud.

Overall flow

  1. Operation on

    Subscribe to Professional Plan or Cloud Option

    Join a Professional Plan or Cloud Option. You can pay monthly or yearly.

  2. Operation with Dropbox

    Log into Dropbox and install the Dropbox desktop application

    Log into both the website site and the Dropbox desktop application with a newly created Dropbox account or an existing account. If you have not yet done so please download and install the Dropbox desktop application or smartphone app to your device.

  3. Operation on My account page (website)

    Allow rekordbox Cloud Storage 5TB or Cloud Option 1TB

    Select [Cloud Settings] in your account profile page, from the top right corner of the website. Agree to the “Software End User License Agreement” and click the [Next] button.

    Login with your new or existing Dropbox account and click the [Allow] button to allow rekordbox Cloud Storage 5TB or Cloud Option 1TB on the website.

  4. Operation via incoming email

    Join the Dropbox Professional DJ team or Cloud Option DJ team

    Click the [Join your team] button via DJ team invitation email to launch the website.

    Click the [Join DJ team account] button after selecting “Transfer to DJ team” option on the “What do you want to do with existing files?” page.

  5. Operation on rekordbox software and My account page (website)

    Setting up Cloud Library Sync function

    Start the rekordbox software, activate the plan in the [PLAN] tab in MY PAGE, and then turn on the [Cloud Library Sync] button in the [LIBRARY SYNC]or[CLOUD] tab to sync. Please make sure that the Cloud storage service is the DJ team that you contract.

    Also, on the My account page (website), check the following.
    - On the [Cloud settings] page, check if the DJ team is displayed (if not, please reload the page).
    - Check if the device activation toggle on the [Contract plan] page is turned on.

Setup is complete

Other Notes