rekordbox ver. 6.6.11 has been released.

rekordbox ver. 6.6.11 has been released.

Mar. 7, 2023

release notes


  • DJM-A9 compatibility added.
  • OPUS-QUAD compatibility added.

Note: To make tracks in a USB storage device playable on the OPUS-QUAD, you'll need to convert Device Library to Device Library Plus.
Select EXPORT mode, go to [Preferences] > [DJ System]tab > [Device]tab > [Library] and check [Device Library Plus (OPUS-QUAD ONLY)].
For instructions on how to convert to Device Library Plus, see the FAQ.

  • Support for Stagehand.


  • On macOS Ventura, potential crashes when launching rekordbox.
  • On Mac, tracks occasionally weren't exported.
  • On Windows 11, audio stuttering would occasional occur while rekordbox is running in the background playing tracks.
  • Occasionally Collection Auto Upload didn't work.
  • Unable to upload files properly if they have similar long names in Cloud Library Sync.
  • Occasionally unable to relocate tracks in the Dropbox folder.
  • Potential crash when loading/unloading SoundCloud tracks.
  • Occasionally unable to use shortcuts in the Tree View.
  • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.


  • rekordboxAgent app is now only working when rekordbox is running.