rekordbox ver. 6.7.3 has been released.

rekordbox ver. 6.7.3 has been released.

June 27, 2023

release notes


  • Beatport Streaming tracks are now available in EXPORT mode.
    CUE settings, GRID adjustment, playlist editing, etc, are available as in the PERFORMANCE mode.
    Beatport Streaming tracks can be played on the CDJ-3000 using CloudDirectPlay, but it is not available when using USB EXPORT and LINK EXPORT.
    Note: Please ensure you update the CDJ-3000 firmware to version 3.00 or later.


  • Occasionally, waveforms weren't displayed correctly when editing a track in EDIT mode.
  • When changing track information of a track uploaded to Dropbox then loading the track, the same track could be imported to the Collection.
  • Unable to upload recorded files to YouTube.
  • Occasionally, not all missing files were displayed when [Display All Missing Files] was selected.
  • When uploading tracks to Dropbox, different tracks could be accidentally uploaded.
  • Occasionally, unable to import Histories correctly from Device Library Plus.
  • Occasionally, sampler slots were empty after restarting rekordbox.
  • Occasionally, tracks uploaded to Dropbox were skipped during Automix.
  • When using PERFORMANCE mode, pressing the Enter key would load a track.
  • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.