rekordbox ver. 6.5.2 has been released.

rekordbox ver. 6.5.2 has been released.

June 22, 2021

release notes


  • Support for Free DJ Playlists of SoundCloud.
  • Support for MIDI/HID control in LIGHTING mode.


  • Key shift algorithm when using Key Sync.
  • Range of highlighted key is now selectable in Traffic Light.
  • Added DMX Direct Control 4 - 9 in MIDI LEARN and PAD EDITOR.
  • Imported streamed tracks are now shown in the Intelligent Playlists.
  • Now up to 100000 artists can be shown for streamed tracks.
  • BPM and key information from Soundcloud, Beatport LINK, and Beatsource LINK is now shown when browsing.
    Note: If you want to use the key provided by each streaming service, uncheck the key in the [Analysis Setting] dialog.


  • Date Created showed incorrectly when importing tracks to Mac.
  • Occasionally tracks were exported incorrectly on Mac.
  • Unable to export setting files via MIDI LEARN function if the name of the DJ equipment includes certain characters.
  • Unable to browse when installing rekordbox ver.6 for the first time, exporting tracks to a USB storage device and connecting it to CDJ/XDJ.
  • Occasionally My Tag disappeared when executing [Update Collection].
  • [Show / Hide Pad and Platter] settings weren't carried over when closing and opening rekordbox.
  • Potential crash when deleting playlists.
  • Tracks in the KEY category wouldn’t show when browsing on the CDJ-2000/900 via LINK EXPORT.
  • Beat information on the touch display wouldn't change when changing BEAT FX parameters on the DDJ-RZX.
  • Occasionally brightness dropped when the Lighting panel is shown/hidden in PERFORMANCE mode.
  • Occasionally Cloud Library Sync failed when too many tracks/playlists in a library.
  • Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.