rekordbox Creative plan; the perfect solution for you?


Recently, we released a fresh version of rekordbox with a host of brand-new features that help you prepare, practice and perform. Many of these features are available for free, while two paid subscription plans unlock extra functions. For full access to all that rekordbox offers, you'll need the Creative plan.

But do you need the extra features the Creative plan brings? Let's take a look at what's included so you can decide if the top-level subscription is the right one for you.

On top of everything that comes with the Free and Core plans – including music management, Mobile Library Sync, Performance mode with any compatible hardware, DVS control, etc. – the Creative plan includes advanced additional features for an effortless DJ experience, such as the option to sync your library across multiple devices via the cloud.

You can try the Creative plan free for 30 days and, if you like it, subscribe for an introductory price if you sign up by July 13, 2020. The special price will be valid until you cancel (you can do this at any time) or when another major rekordbox update is released. If you start a subscription from July 14, 2020 or later, you'll be charged the full price.


Everything from the Free and Core plans

Be sure to read our guides so you understand exactly what's included for a smaller monthly fee with the Core plan, and what you can get from the Free plan.

User-friendly workflow

Cloud Library Sync

You can now access your rekordbox library across multiple devices. Link rekordbox and Dropbox (account required) and you can upload single tracks, playlists, or your full collection to the cloud. When Cloud Library Sync is activated on another device, all your tracks, playlists, Hot Cues, etc. are synchronized. You can use Cloud Library Sync to create backups of your library, or to sync the library from your main computer at home or in your studio to your laptop or iOS device. If your computer goes missing or gets damaged, the music and metadata in your DJ library will be up to date and safely stored in the cloud.

You can also prepare playlists, tracks, and metadata such as cue points on your iOS device. So, if you're trying out ideas like setting Hot Cues on a new track, you can update your library from your iOS device and the changes will be reflected on all your other computers and devices.

Prepare with ease

Want to know more about Cloud Library Sync? Check out our tutorial video to see how the new feature works.

Activation on 4 devices

Download rekordbox and sign in on up to 4 different devices. If you like, you can have a master library with all your music stored on the main computer in your studio and keep a lighter library on the laptop you use for performances. That way, you won't take up valuable space on the smaller hard drive.

Full use of Video and Lyric features

Mix video and image files in rekordbox and output them to an external monitor. You can also display lyrics for your tracks, which are automatically sourced by rekordbox and animated in exciting visualizations in perfect sync with the music.


Get creative with the Scene FX taken from the Pioneer DJ Remix Stations, which are popular with many professional DJs and producers.

Sampler sequence saving

Store up to 8 sampler sequences you've recorded and play them whenever you want.

Manageable monthly cost

You can use the Creative plan for a manageable fee each month. Anytime you want to take a break, you can cancel your subscription and use the Free or Core plan instead. You're always free to upgrade to the Creative plan again at a later date.

Please note though, if you start a subscription during the introductory offer period (by July 13, 2020) then cancel that subscription, you'll be charged the full monthly price for the relevant plan if you re-subscribe on July 14, 2020 or at a later date.

And if you're keen to see what else the application can do, read our guides to the Free plan and the Core plan.