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  • The rekordbox [LINK] button does not show up when I connect my computer to the CDJ/XDJ with a LAN cable.

    PRO DJ LINK works when rekordbox is in [EXPORT] mode. (It does not work in [PERFORMANCE] mode.)

    1. Depending on the security software used on your computer and its operating system settings, it may not be possible to establish a PRO DJ LINK connection. If this occurs, it will be necessary to check your settings for the following four programs to ensure that they are not blocked:
      • rekordbox program file
      • ProDJ Link System Manager
      • ProDJ Link NFS Server
      • edb_streamd

      check "Windows Firewall settings"

    2. PRO DJ LINK may fail to run properly if your computer is connected to multiple networks as the networks (wired LAN, wireless, etc.) may interfere with each other. If this is the case with your computer, you can resolve the issue by disabling networks not used by PRO DJ LINK or set the network precedence properly to favor the network used.
    3. PRO DJ LINK may fail to run properly if the Port used by rekordbox for PRO DJ LINK is being used by another application (NSF server, etc.). To resolve this issue, close the application or service being used and then try again.
    4. PRO DJ LINK may fail to run properly if Internet Sharing is enabled. If this is the case, disable Internet Sharing and then try again.
    5. When there is a router connected on the network used by PRO DJ LINK, the network may fail to be established properly depending on the order in which connected devices are powered on. Either first turn on the power to the router and then connect the device, or disconnect the router.