Historial de actualizaciones


Release notes

-Compatible devices added: DDJ-1000
-rekordbox lyric (paid feature): ability to display lyrics
 *rekordbox lyric may not be available in your country. For a full list of supported countries please see here.
 Renewed subscription plans to include rekordbox lyric
 Please see for the overview of new subscription.
-Phrase analysis(rekordbox dj license key required)
-BPM Sync

-Advanced Related Tracks
 Multiple criteria can be saved
 Ability to handle related tracks in tree view
 Key Shift: shifted key is displayed as Key in Performance mode
-Scratch latency
-Track Search
-Instant double function is enabled by drag & drop of the JOG itself in the GUI as well as the current method of drag & drop of the title part of the track. The track can be added to Playlist in same way if it is dropped in the tree view

-Lags occurred on rekordbox dj version 5.0.0 and 5.0.1.
-FX Beat was not displayed on DDJ-RZX.
-Even if you changed the color name in the Preference window, it would not be reflected in the name of the track filter.
-Even if you switched from a track with a genre to a track without genre, the previous data remained in the Information window.
-When the Cue button is pressed while the vinyl mode was disabled, JOG top spin works on rekordbox version 4.3.0 or later.
-Keyboard short cut for "show memory cue panel" didn’t work.
-Crashed when connecting a DDJ-RZX.
-Changed BEAT FX [Beat / %] and [Time] parameter range.
-The BPM of the on-air deck was not shown in the BEAT FX master channel.
-Changed behaviors of BEAT FX [PITCH].
-Improved RELEASE FX [BACK SPIN] reaction speed.
-GRID data was not updated when re-analyzing a track with different BPM range.
-The deck didn't show the modified BPM immediately when BPM changed in the GRID panel.
-BPM changed when 1.1beat was set at the first beat and locked after analysis.
-Crashed when moved to "Color" while editing in the information window.
-BPM on some of our DJ mixers and that on rekordbox didn’t match when changing TEMPO in DVS mode.
-Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.


Release notes

-Deleted Pulselocker related functions due to its service termination. Please see FAQ to delete Pulselocker tracks in Collection.

-Audio occasionally stopped in DVS mode while loading a track to a slave deck with MASTER TEMPO and BPM SYNC turned on.


Release notes

Special notice for XDJ-RX users
Please update the firmware of your XDJ-RX to the latest version (ver.2.21 or later). If you don't update,the tempo sliders will not work when using it as a controller with rekordbox dj.

-macOS High Sierra support.
-Added the option to automatically adjust the zoom of enlarged waveforms when using SYNC.
-Added the option to select [enable] or [disable] Send/Return effects on your DJM mixer.
-Accuracy of the tempo slider when connecting the XDJ-RX.
-Ability to start playback from the beginning of a track when playing the lead-in part of the vinyl/CD in DVS REL mode.

-The auto gain value was set to the minimum after importing tracks from rekordbox.xml or analyzing tracks.
-The playback position jumped when you would reset the tempo while BPM Sync was enabled in the DVS REL mode.
-Key information wasn't displayed on the DDJ-RZX Track Info screen (2-deck display).
-Detailed waveforms weren't being displayed on the DDJ-RZX's center screen when you pressed the rotary selector.
-[Show/Hide information] in the drop-down menu was grayed out and couldn't be selected.
-Opposite column sorting order.
-When selecting a track and [Show in Explorer],deletion of the track became unavailable.
-The rekordbox application would crashed when [Cancel] was selected in the account setup dialogue.
-Even though Memory Cue, Loop and Active Loop were set or deleted in a track, the changes wouldn't be reflected for the same track in multiple decks.
-The beat count of Beat FX may have been displayed incorrectly.
-Potential crash when closing a video window.
-The BPM value on the CDJ-900NXS [Link Info] screen was 1/100 of the correct value in HID control mode.
-Colour icon wasn't displayed in the drop-down menu,if the colour name had been changed in the Preferences.
-Potential freeze when the INTERFACE 2 was connected to a Mac.
-Sometimes the length of a loop was shortened when you would manually input its BPM on the grid edit screen.
-AAC files with a sampling rate of 22,050 Hz weren't played properly.
-The application would potentially crash when changing the genre of multiple tracks at the same time.
-The same rating value was applied to all the tracks in an album when it was set on iTunes.
-The input record in the Preferences became blank when CH4 was selected as a record channel for the certain DJM mixers.
-Read-only tracks that were imported first and later exported to a device,couldn't be deleted from the device.
-Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.


rekordbox ver.5.0.1 has been released.

-Crashed when using the performance pads on the DJM-S9.


rekordbox ver.5.0.0 has been released.

Release notes

-Compatible devices added: DDJ-XP1, DJM-S9 (DJM-S9: Please update the firmware to the latest version) and XDJ-RX2.
-Ability to import a playlist (including music files) from a USB/SD device.
-Ability to play tracks from an exported USB/SD device in Performance mode.
-Added KEY SHIFT/KEY SYNC feature.
-Added 16 HOT CUE/PAD FX support.
-Added KEYBOARD Mode (Key-Shifted HOT CUE play).
-Added BEAT LOOP mode.
-Added the option to play a HOT CUE before reaching the next beat.
-Added options to select the QUANTIZE beat length for different Performance features.
-Added the option to SYNC tracks with BPM that is double or half the master deck BPM.
-PAD EDITOR: Customize pad modes and functions assigned to the performance pads (compatible unit: DDJ-XP1).


Notas de la version

-Añadido compatibilidad con dispositivos:DJM-750MK2.


Notas de la version

-Dispositivo compatible añadido: INTERFACE 2.

-Aumentado el Nivel de salida que se puede establecer en las Preferencias.

-Cuando se ponía en pausa un reproductor, no se podía seleccionar como la plato principal.
-Aparecía un mensaje de diálogo pidiendo insertar un disco en ciertos ordenadores al iniciar rekordbox en un equipo con un lector de tarjetas que no tenía ninguna tarjeta de memoria insertada.
-La lista de pistas saltaba justo antes de detener la exploración con el trackpad en un Mac.
-La visualización TIME / REMAIN era diferente en rekordbox dj rekordbox dj y XDJ/CDJ.
-Se seleccionaba una curva incorrecta en el XDJ-R1 XDJ-R1 y el XDJ-AERO cuando el selector de curva de crossfader se configuraba en la posición central.
-Los archivos de imagen con transparencia se pixelaban al mostar un vídeo..
-La aplicación rekordbox se congelaba en Mac OS 10.9 al utilizar funciones que mostraban el diálogo de guardar archivos.
-Potencial latencia grande al usar DVS.
-Estabilidad mejorada de DVS.
-Estabilidad mejorada y otros problemas menores.


Notas de la versión

・Se ha añadido un botón para cancelar la descarga de pistas sin conexión de Pulselocker.
・Dependiendo de los ordenadores y equipos DJ conectados, puede producirse ruido al utilizar PC MASTER OUT.

・Posible bloqueo durante ciertas operaciones al utilizar Pro DJ Link.
・Posible flash de forma de onda ampliada cuando la velocidad de dibujo de la forma de onda está establecida en Baja velocidad.
・El mando FX2 de un controlador funcionaba incorrectamente en modo FX único.
・Posible bloqueo al seleccionar un efecto rápidamente en modo FX único.
・Posible bloqueo al seleccionar una lista de reproducción en un dispositivo.
・Posible bloqueo cuando Sync Manager estaba configurado en una condición determinada.
・Se creaban listas de reproducción o carpetas con el mismo nombre al importarlas, exportarlas o sincronizarlas cuando el nombre incluía ciertos caracteres.
・Posible respuesta lenta al usar Pulselocker.
・"No conectado a Internet” se mostraba al cargar las pistas en Pulselocker que no estaban permitidas en el país en uso.
・Potential crash when logging in to Pulselocker.
・El software fallaba al instalar rekordbox en un sistema de archivos sensible a mayúsculas en una Mac y conectado a un DDJ-RZX.
・La información de la pista y las formas de onda no aparecían al pulsar un botón CUE justo después de cargar una pista.
・La pantalla de vídeo parpadeaba al cargar un archivo de vídeo en un equipo con ciertas tarjetas gráficas incorporadas.
・Tamaño de pantalla inadecuado si rekordbox se había iniciado con una resolución de pantalla de 1280x800 en un Mac.
・JOG, CUE y LOOP no estaban disponibles durante la reproducción HOT CUE GATE pulsando un pad continuamente mientras QUANTIZE está activado.
・Mejora de la estabilidad de las funciones de vídeo.
・Estabilidad mejorada y solucionados otros problemas menores.


FAQ section has been updated.


rekordbox ver.4.3.0 has been released.
FAQ section has been updated.


-Compatible device added: DJM-250MK2
-rekordbox video (paid feature)
 -8 new TOUCH FX
 -Vertical movement in addition to horizontal allowed on TOUCH FX.
 -Combining BEAT FX/CFX with TOUCH FX available.
 -Karaoke file format MP3+G support
 -Full screen button
 -Touch Keyboard shown on the DDJ-RZX centre screen when connected.
 -Syphon Out.

Click here for details.


"rekordbox manual" has been updated. (English and Japanese)


rekordbox ver.4.2.5 has been released.
FAQ section has been updated.
"rekordbox manual" has been updated. (English and Japanese)


-DDJ-SP1 can be used with another controller supporting rekordbox dj.
-Pitch bend in MIDI learn.
-rekordbox video:
 -Delay Compensation.
 -Keyboard shortcuts and MIDI learn for the video panel.
 -10 new TOUCH FX.
 -Video mute feature when audio is not played.

Click here for details


The below issue occurred in rekordbox ver.4.2.3
Please update rekordbox to this version (ver.4.2.4).

 -Sync Manager did not sync playlists.

 Please note:
 When you sync playlists which were not synced in Ver.4.2.3,
 firstly please untick the unsynced playlists and click the Sync button (the arrow icon).
 Then, tick the unsynced playlists again and click the button to sync them.


rekordbox ver.4.2.3 has been released.
FAQ section has been updated.
"Connection Guide for PERFORMANCE mode" has been updated.


rekordbox ver.4.2.2 has been released.
FAQ section has been updated.
"rekordbox manual" has been updated. (English and Japanese)
"rekordbox video Operation Guide" has been updated.


rekordbox ver.4.2.1 has been released.
FAQ section has been updated.


rekordbox ver.4.2.0b has been released.

-Sync manager sometimes functions incorrectly.
-Tracks may be duplicated or deleted when using playlists.
-Software may “crash” when using CDJ/XDJ via PRO DJ LINK.


rekordbox ver.4.2.0 has been released.
"rekordbox video Operation Guide" has been uploaded.
"rekordbox manual" has been updated. (English and Japanese)
FAQ section has been updated.


rekordbox ver.4.1.2 has been released.
"Pulselocker Operation Guide" has been uploaded.
FAQ section has been updated.


rekordbox ver.4.1.1 has been released.
"rekordbox dvs Setup Guide" has been updated.
FAQ section has been updated.


rekordbox ver.4.1.0 has been released.
"rekordbox dvs Setup Guide" has been uploaded.
FAQ section has been updated.


rekordbox ver.4.0.8 has been released.


rekordbox ver.4.0.7 has been released.
"Connection Guide for PERFORMANCE mode" has been updated.
FAQ section has been updated.


"MIDI LEARN Operation Guide" has been uploaded.
"Connection Guide for PERFORMANCE mode" has been updated.
FAQ section has been updated


rekordbox ver.4.0.6 has been released.


rekordbox ver.4.0.5 has been released.


rekordbox ver.4.0.4 has been released.


rekordbox ver.4.0.3 has been released.


rekordbox ver.4.0.2 has been released.


rekordbox ver.4.0.1 has been released.


rekordbox ver.4.0.0 has been released.


rekordbox(iOS) ver.2.0.0 has been released.


rekordbox ver.3.3.0 has been released.


It has been reported that iTune playlist folders are not shown properly on rekordbox when used with the latest iTunes 12.2.
rekordbox Ver.3.2.2 resolving the issues associated with iTunes 12.2 is now available.
Please update rekordbox to Ver. 3.2.2 and at the same time, from iTunes -> Preferences -> Advanced, tick the box before “Share iTunes Library XML with other applications” to solve the issues associated with iTunes 12.2.

  • rekordbox ver.3.2.2 has been released.
  • Information section has been updated.
  • FAQ section has been updated.

Information section has been updated.


rekordbox ver.3.2.1 has been released.


rekordbox ver.3.2.0 has been released.


rekordbox ver.3.2.0 has been released.


rekordbox ver.3.1.0 has been released.


rekordbox ver.3.0.3 for Mac has been released.


rekordbox ver.3.0.2 has been released.


rekordbox ver.3.0.1 has been released.


Disponible la versión 3.0.0 de rekordbox.


Disponible la versión 2.0.1 de rekordbox.
Disponible la versión 1.1.0 de rekordbox(iOS/Android).


Disponible la versión 1.6.2 de rekordbox.
Disponible la rekordbox(iOS/Android) .
La sección Preguntas más frecuentes ha sido actualizada.


La sección Preguntas más frecuentes ha sido actualizada.


Disponible la versión 1.5.3 de rekordbox.


Disponible la versión 1.5.2 de rekordbox.