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I want to use previous rekordbox (Ver.2.2.4), but I'm not sure where can I get a rekordbox file. New

Pioneer recommends you to use latest rekordbox (Ver.3.0 or later). If you need to use the previous rekordbox(Ver.2.2.4), you can download from following links (For those who already have a license key).
For Windows
For Mac

I have lost the rekordbox License Key.

If you have performed the user registration procedure, check your license key [here] (https://register.pioneerdj.com/info_user.php "").
If you are not sure whether you have performed the user registration procedure, input your e-mail address [here] (https://register.pioneerdj.com/reminder_password.php "") to check whether or not you have registered.

Are there any benefits to performing User registration?

Inquiries can be made using the mail form provided on the rekordbox Support Site. Also, your License Key can be sent to you if you lose it.

I cannot install sucessfully using the license key I received.

Please double-check that your license key was entered correctly. Make sure that you use hyphens when entering the license key. We recommend copying and pasting to avoid any errors.