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I cannot monitor the sound output (link monitor function) from rekordbox on my DJM-2000.

Please be sure to enable the option, [Use "LINK MONITOR" of Pioneer DJ Mixers] located under [File] -> [Preferences] -> [Audio].

When I start rekordbox, I receive a security warning from either my OS or security software requesting permission to run "rekordbox program file," "Pro DJ Link System Manager," and "Pro DJ Link NFS Server." What should I do? Is it OK to grant these permissions?

This message may appear depending on the OS and security software you have installed on your computer. Giving permissions through this screen will enable the rekordbox LINK functionality. Please contact your OS vendor or security software vendor for additional details.

I cannot play my tracks across the link to my DJ player.

  1. When [UNLOCK/LOCK] is set to [LOCK] on the DJ player, tracks cannot be loaded onto the DJ player while other tracks are playing (for the CDJ-2000 only). Also, dragging is not possible if a track is loaded just when a cue is called out on the DJ player.  
  2. Depending on the security software used on your computer and its operating system settings, it may not be possible to establish a PRO DJ LINK connection. If this occurs, it will be necessary to check your settings for the following four programs to ensure that they are not blocked:   - rekordbox.exe   - PSvNFSd.exe   - PSvLinkSysMgr.exe   - edb_streamd.exe  
  3. For Mac OS X, music files cannot be played with Pro DJ Link if their path is too long. Put the music files in a place where the path will have 256 characters or less.  
  4. If you have moved from Windows XP to Windows Vista, 7 or 8 or the music files are in the My Music folder, it may not be possible to play them with Pro DJ Link. In this case, change the name of the folder in which the music files are located so that the files “cannot be found”, then relocate the folder.  
  5. Tracks on the [Device] pane cannot be loaded onto a CDJ using Pro DJ Link. Connect the device directly to the DJ player to use it.

The [LINK] button does not display when I connect my computer to my CDJ-2000/CDJ-900 with a LAN cable.

  1. Depending on the security software used on your computer and its operating system settings, it may not be possible to establish a PRO DJ LINK connection. If this occurs, it will be necessary to check your settings for the following four programs to ensure that they are not blocked:   - rekordbox.exe   - PSvNFSd.exe   - PSvLinkSysMgr.exe   - edb_streamd.exe  
  2. If the computer has multiple networks (wired LAN, wireless, etc.), Pro DJ Link may not be operating properly due to a conflict between the networks. In this case, the problem can be solved by either disabling networks not being used with Pro DJ Link or setting the network priorities properly.  
  3. Pro DJ Link may not be operating properly because the port rekordbox uses with Pro DJ Link is being used by another application (NFS server, etc.). In this case, quit the other application or service before using Pro DJ Link.  
  4. Pro DJ Link may not operate properly when Internet sharing is enabled. Disable Internet sharing.  
  5. If a router is connected on the Pro DJ Link network, the network may not be properly established depending on the order in which the power of the connected devices is turned on. Either turn on the router’s power before connecting the devices, or disconnect the router.

Sometimes it is not possible to edit track information on the [Collection] or [Information] pane.

Once Pro DJ Link is started, track information cannot be edited.
Quit Pro DJ Link, then edit the track information.
* Note that some items, such as “Rating” and “Allow to auto load Hot Cue on CDJ”, can be edited while connected by Pro DJ Link.

I created a Hot Cue Bank List, but I don't see a selection for "Hot Cue Bank" on my DJ Player screen.

You must first go to [File] -> [Preferences] -> [Export], then move "HOT CUE BANK" to your active category column. To ensure that this setting is editable, you will need to temporarily disable your PRO DJ LINK connection.
* Applies to CDJ-2000 only.

I can't access a USB device connected to my computer from my DJ Player when the computer is connected via PRO DJ LINK.

It is not possible to drag tracks from the [Device] pane to the DJ player’s icon and load them, or to drag tracks from the [Device] pane to the tag list and add them. Either drag the tracks from the [Collection] pane, the [Playlist] pane, etc., or connect the device directly to the DJ player to use it.

When I move a music file location somewhere else in my computer, rekordbox can no longer play the track. Do I have to import the track to rekordbox again?

rekordbox has a feature for relocating moved files.
To use this, right-click on the music file whose path has been changed and select "Relocate," then choose the new location of the file. Through this method, any Cue information which has already been set can be preserved.

Files which I imported from my USB device previously now display "Media is Missing," and cannot be played.

  1. When a track has been imported from an external device, rekordbox may not find the track if the device’s drive letter (“E:” for example) differs from the drive letter at the time the track was imported. Change the drive letter so it is the same as when the track was imported.  
  2. With iTunes, if the “Keep iTunes Media folder organized” setting was enabled, when titles or other types of track information is changed in iTunes, iTunes changes the track’s location, file name, etc. To import the same tracks on iTunes and rekordbox, disable the “Keep iTunes Media folder organized” setting.

If I modify the BPM for a particular track in the [Info] pane, the updated BPM value is not displayed in the Player Panel when I play the track.

The BPM as shown in the Player Panel is determined by the result of an individual track's analysis. The BPM value edited through the [Info] pane is not displayed by the Player Panel.

The letters displayed for titles, artist names, etc., are garbled.

The current version of rekordbox does not support local character codes such as S-JIS. If letters are garble, edit them in rekordbox.

I can't import my music files.

The music files that can be loaded into and played with rekordbox are as shown on the table below.


・ It may not be possible to read or play music files including both audio and video or copyright-protected music files.

Sometimes I can’t set hot cue bank list cues and loops.

When creating a hot cue bank list on the [Hot Cue Bank List] pane, play the tracks in the collection or playlist in the player panel and set the cues and loops there.
Also, when creating a hot cue bank list on the [Device] pane, play tracks on the same USB device in the player panel and set the cues and loops there.

Some tracks cannot be imported from the [Bridge] pane.

  1. Sometimes a track’s file path is not written in iTunes xml for various reasons, such as when the file path is too long. Tracks without file paths cannot be imported from the [Bridge] pane to rekordbox. Such tracks can be imported by moving them to a different folder to shorten their file path.  
  2. It is also not possible to import music files to rekordbox if they have no extension.

The artwork from a track imported via the [Bridge] pane does not display.

Because artwork is automatically obtained within iTunes and not written to an ID3 tag, rekordbox is unable to display artwork which is imported via the Bridge.

I cannot import m3u/pl3 playlists.

  1. Playlist files (.m3u, .pls, etc.) in which the tracks’ file paths are written as relative paths cannot be properly imported. Write the tracks’ file paths as absolute paths.  
  2. Playlist files (.m3u, .pls, etc.) in which the tracks’ file paths contain characters in codes other than ASCII (Japanese, etc.) cannot be properly imported. If the file paths contain characters in codes other than ASCII, use playlist files written in Unicode (.m3u8).

I cannot save a playback history from my DJ player as a playlist in rekordbox.

1) If the songs which were played on the DJ player have all been deleted from your Collection, the playback history cannot be saved as a playlist.
2) A playback history cannot be saved as a playlist, if the USB device contains tracks exported from a different computer.

Playlists created on a DJ player cannot be imported to rekordbox from a USB device.

Music files exported onto a USB device from another computer and music files that have been deleted from the rekordbox collection cannot be reimported from a USB device onto a computer. Such tracks are deleted from the playlist when importing the playlist from the USB device.

Tracks cannot be analyzed while using Pro DJ Link.

The overall operation slows down when tracks are analyzed while using Pro DJ Link, so by default rekordbox is set so that tracks are not analyzed while using Pro DJ Link. This can be changed so that tracks can be analyzed while using Pro DJ Link by checking “Allow track analysis while LAN connected” at [File] -> [Preferences] -> [General].

I can't export any tracks to my USB device.

Tracks which have not completed analysis cannot be exported while PRO DJ LINK is active if the "Disable track analysis while link is activated" option is checked ([File] -> [Preferences] -> [General]). Please wait until PRO DJ LINK is deactivated before exporting to your USB device.

The track(s) I exported to my USB device are grayed-out when displayed.

Tracks which have not yet been analyzed before exporting occurs are grayed-out when displayed in the Device Pane. When the analysis is finished, the export is considered to be complete and the text is no longer grayed-out. Tracks which are grayed out cannot be played, so please do not remove the USB device until analysis is complete.

The BPM and beat grid are not displayed.

The BPM and beat grid may not be displayed if 1) the track is too short (under one minute) or 2) the beat grid cannot be generated because of severe beat fluctuations.

The overall waveform is not displayed when tracks are played in the player panel.

Check that the location of the “PIONEER” folder (containing the analysis files) is properly specified at [File] -> [Preferences] -> [General].
If a location in which the user does not have access authority is specified, the analysis results cannot be created.

I have tracks in my collection whose analysis never completed.

This is possible if rekordbox experienced an abnormal termination during the analysis of your tracks. In such a case, analysis does not resume on the track which was being analyzed when the termination occurred. To fix this, you can manually perform the track analysis via the context menu.

Track does not start playing when the PLAY/PAUSE button is pressed.

Drag the music files to the track player, then press the PLAY/PAUSE button to start playback.

No sound is produced from the computer.

rekordbox does not output sound under the following conditions:
・ When the volume is set to the minimum.
・ When muting is on.
・ When the [Audio] setting at [Preferences] is set to <>.
・ When [Output channels] in the [Audio] setting at [Preferences] is set to [Inactive]
Also check the computer's audio settings and the audio settings of the speakers connected to the computer.
If multiple USB devices (a mouse, a keyboard, etc.) are connected to the same USB bus system on the computer or to the same USB hub, operation may not be normal due to problems related to the USB bus’s bandwidth or compatibility between the USB devices. The problem can sometimes be solved by changing the USB ports to which the devices are connected.

Keyboard shortcuts do not always work.

1) The keyboard shortcuts are only enabled when the player panel is active. If the browser panel is active, the keyboard shortcuts are disabled. Click the player panel with the mouse, then press the keys on the keyboard.
2) The keyboard input mode may be incorrect (Chinese characters, etc.). Operate the keyboard in a mode that inputs Roman alphabet letters.
3) Depending on the keyboard’s language, keys may be pre-assigned in such a way that the keyboard shortcuts do not work. In this case, assign different keys manually.

Tracks on playlists cannot be resorted.

When a playlist is sorted in any order other than track order, the track order cannot be changed by dragging the music files. Click the headline of the row in which the track order numbers are displayed to sort in track order, then drag the music files to change the track order.

The "!" mark is displayed for music files in the [Collection] pane.

This is displayed when the music files cannot be found on the computer.

The iTunes library is not displayed on the [Bridge] pane.

The iTunes library may not be properly specified. Specify the proper xml iTunes library file at [Preferences] -> [Bridge].
If the setting file of rekordbox has been moved from another computer, the iTunes library may have been changed from “iTunesMusicLibrary.xml” to “iTunesLibrary.xml”. In this case, change the above setting to “iTunesLibrary.xml”.

Analyzed beat positions are not correct.

For tracks in which the tempo is not constant, such as live performances, analyze the tracks in the Dynamic mode.
It is also possible to adjust the beat positions manually after analyzing tracks.

Quantizing does not work well.

Depending on the type of track, it may not be possible to analyze the beats correctly and the quantize function may not work properly. In this case, adjust the beat positions manually.

rekordbox crashes on startup and I have nothing else connected to my computer.

It could be that your database is corrupted or damaged and you need to try loading the backup database.
1) Ensure rekordbox is closed and find your database in the following location:
XP: C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\Pioneer\rekordbox
Vista: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\rekordbox
Win 7: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\rekordbox
OSX: /Users/yourusername/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox
2) Rename datafile.edb to datafile.edb.old
3) Rename datafile.backup.edb to datafile.edb (removing .backup)
4) Restart rekordbox and see if it opens. If it does, the main database was corrupted and the backup was working okay.
If it does not open, go back and rename ALL of the datafile files in that folder to .old and restart Rekordbox once more. If it does load, both the original and backup database were corrupted and you will have to re-import your songs once more.

Connected USB devices are not displayed in the [Device] pane.

The device may not be displayed on the [Device] pane if the USB device is in a non-supported format (NTFS for example) or if it is write-protected.