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Will my music files, database, and settings be erased when I uninstall rekordbox?

They will not be erased. You will be able to access your music files and previous settings once rekordbox is reinstalled (mp3 file import unnecessary).

Can rekordbox only be installed after logging on as an administrator?

Yes, rekordbox can only be installed after logging on as an administrator.

How can rekordbox be uninstalled?

For a Macintosh computer:
Move the rekordbox program installed in the applications folder to the trash bin.
For a Windows computer:
From the [Start] menu, select [All Programs] – [Pioneer] – [rekordbox 2.x.x], then select [Uninstall rekordbox].
“2.x.x” indicates the rekordbox version.

How can I delete the entire database?

The entire database can be deleted by deleting the rekordbox folder from the location below after uninstalling rekordbox.
Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\Pioneer\rekordbox
Windows Vista/7/8:
Mac OS X:
The Windows AppData and Mac OS X Library folders may be set as hidden. For instructions on displaying them, contact the respective operating system’s manufacturer.