FAQ - New Features (iOS v.2.0.0)

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Waveform of a track can be shown on the browser screen.
You can also start playback of the track at a certain point by tapping the point in the preview waveform on the browser screen.
You can toggle      to display/hide waveform.


You can move tracks you play many times to this folder as favorites.


You can move tracks you want to hide in rekordbox (iOS) to this folder.

Simple Sorting Function

You can move a track list to any Playlist or Trash by swiping to the left and then swiping upward or downward.
You can set the Playlist at the upper right of the browse screen menu button  

2Player mode (purchase option)

You can check the matching of tracks by mixing them using 2Player mode.
You can also use Matching option*.
This is in-app purchase option.
* Matching option is to mark two tracks as good combination…

[My Tag]

My Tag can be set per track.
"My Tag filter" : you can search tracks using My Tag as a search filter.
*You need to synchronize with rekordbox(Mac/PC) v.3.3.0 or later before you use My Tag.


Tracks which were imported to rekordbox in two weeks can be shown as a list.

Adding comments to CUE/LOOP

Comments and colors can be added to Memory CUE/LOOP and comments to HOT CUE/LOOP.

1) When tapping tab button                           again, the list of Memory CUE/LOOP and HOT CUE/LOOP are displayed.

2) When an item in the list is swiped, the [More] and [Delete] buttons will be shown.

3) When tapping the [More] button, you can edit the CUE/LOOP comment and select a color.
* HOT CUE does not have color options.