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I cannot see Trash in rekordbox (Mac/PC).

You cannot check it as tracks moved to Trash cannot be imported to rekordbox (Mac/PC).

Tracks imported on iOS disappeared.

Tracks deleted from official Apple music application and tracks whose title, artist or album are edited cannnot be used on rekordbox (iOS).

I cannnot see Tag List.

You can see Tag List only when connected to DJ units.

Music files are copied even though [Do not copy tracks when importing] is set with rekordbox (Android).

Tracks in folders other than those that can be managed with rekordbox are copied when they are imported. Music files are also copied if their file path has more than 255 characters in it.

After loading a rekordbox (iOS/Android) track onto the CDJ-2000nexus, I can’t search for the next track (make a hot cue call to another track).

When a rekordbox (iOS/Android) track is loaded onto the CDJ-2000nexus, the CDJ-2000nexus operates as if it were in the single mode, so the operation you mention cannot be performed.
For details on the single mode, see [Changing the settings] - [Setting preferences] in the CDJ-2000nexus’s operating instructions.

When an Android device and the CDJ-2000nexus are connected by USB cable, Android device is not recognized by the CDJ-2000nexus.

This may be due to one of the following reasons:
• Some models of Android devices do not support the MTP mode. For information on whether or not your Android device supports the MTP mode and how to set it, see the Android device’s operating instructions.
• There are some Android devices on which operation in the MTP mode differs when an SD memory card is inserted and when no SD memory card is inserted, depending on the specifications of the MTP mode of the Android device you are using. With such Android devices, it may be possible to connect the device to the CDJ-2000nexus after removing (or inserting) the SD memory card.
• There are some Android devices on which connections in the MTP mode may only be usable with applications exclusively for Macintosh or Windows, depending on the specifications of the MTP mode of the Android device you are using. Such Android devices cannot be connected to the CDJ-2000nexus using a USB cable.
• There are some Android devices on which the “MTP in use” message is displayed continuously in the foreground while connected by MTP, depending on the specifications of the MTP mode of the Android device you are using. With such Android devices, the CDJ-2000nexus cannot be connected to or operated from rekordbox (iOS/Android), since the application cannot be operated on the screen while connected in the MTP mode.

I cannot import AIF AIFF files on my Android device.

You cannot import AIF or AIFF files because 'Music' of Android OS doesn't support those file formats.

When using with a computer or mobile device connected to the XDJ-AERO, (1) the sound of the XDJ-AERO is interrupted or playback stops in the middle or (2) the XDJ-AERO is frequently set to the emergency loop mode or (3) tracks cannot be loaded on the XDJ-AERO.

There may be a problem with your wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) environment.
・ When using the XDJ-AERO in the [ACCESS POINT] mode, try moving the mobile device closer to the XDJ-AERO. When using the XDJ-AERO in the [WLAN CLIENT] mode, try moving the XDJ-AERO closer to the access point and the access point closer to the mobile device.
・ If there is another wireless LAN router, a microwave oven, wireless mouse, wireless headphones, cordless telephone, Bluetooth device, etc., (an appliance using the same 2.4 GHz frequency band) in the room, try moving that appliance away from the XDJ-AERO, the access point, the computer and the mobile device.
・ Try changing the wireless LAN channel. For directions on doing this, see the XDJ-AERO operating instructions.
・ When using WAVE or AIFF files, try changing to MP3 or AAC files.
・ If large amounts of data are being transferred by wireless connection nearby (for example for high picture quality net video playback), try stopping data transfer.

"Not Analyzed" is displayed on the XDJ-AERO when loading a track.

This indicates that the track has not been analyzed with rekordbox.
Even for tracks that have been analyzed with rekordbox, if they are loaded in the folder browsing mode, they are treated as tracks that have not been analyzed, so [Not Analyzed] is displayed.
The Sync and Quantize functions will not work without rekordbox analysis information, so we recommend analyzing the tracks with rekordbox and loading them using the XDJ-AERO’s library browsing mode.

Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) connection was lost after rekordbox (iOS/Andriod) was brought to the background for a while then brought back to the foreground.

rekordbox (iOS/Android) is designed to operate in the background as well, but applications running in the background may stop or quit without warning, depending on the iOS or Android OS.
We recommend you keep rekordbox (iOS/Android) in the foreground while using it.
If another application’s message dialog is displayed, close it promptly and set rekordbox (iOS/Android) back to the foreground.

I connected the XDJ-AERO by wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) with the XDJ-AERO set to the [WLAN CLIENT] mode, but I can’t load tracks from rekordbox onto the XDJ-AERO.

Check that the XDJ-AERO, the mobile device and the computer are all connected to the same wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) access point.
On the XDJ-AERO, the SSID of the currently connected access point is displayed at [UTILITY] -> [WLAN INFORMATION] -> [SSID].

A mobile device and the DJ unit were connected by wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), but the mobile device switched to a different access point all by itself.

When an access point with a strong signal (one that has been connected to in the past, one with open security, etc.) is detected on the list of wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) connections set on the mobile device, the connection switches automatically.
This depends on the mobile device's specifications, but to avoid this operation and prevent the mobile device connection from switching by itself, delete that access point from the list in the mobile device settings.