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Will tracks moved to Trash disappear?

Tracks moved to Trash are not displayed in other browse screen, but if retrieved from Trash, CUE setting data and analysis data will be restored. When [Delete] is selected in Trash, all data prepared in rekordbox (iOS/Android) will be completely deleted.

Can I enjoy Djing in 2 player mode?

FX and HOT CUE function is not equipped as this is not a mode for Djing.

The waveform is not displayed smoothly.

Depending on the mobile device’s processing capacity and processing status, waveforms may not be displayed smoothly while tracks are being analyzed.

How many play histories can DJ player store?

DJ player can store up to 999 histories. It erases old ones if more than 999 histories are stored.

Can iTunes playlists be used with rekordbox (iOS/Android)?

rekordbox (iOS/Android) v.1.3.1 or earlier :
You cannot use iTunes' playlists directly on the rekordbox (iOS/Android). But you can export iTunes' playlists on the [Bridge] pane of the rekordbox (Mac/Windwos) to the rekordbox (iOS/Android).

rekordbox (iOS) v.2.0.0 or later :
You can import playlists from official Apple music application to rekordbox(iOS).

How can I reset rekordbox (iOS/Android) to its initial defaults?

The default settings can be restored by tapping “Default values” in the Settings menu.
However, the following settings are not reset:
• Device Name
• Arrangement of icon of CDJ
• Library location (Android only)
• Copy tracks when importing (Android only)

How can I recover beat grid after I change it manually?

You can undo the last 10 actions while adjusting the beat grid, but once you close the adjustment panel you can no longer undo the changes.
By touching and holding the track on the browser panel and selecting [Analyze track], you can re-analyze the music file.

Quantizing doesn’t work well.

Quantizing might not work well for tracks on which the tempo is not constant and changes in the middle of the track.
For such tracks, set [Track Analysis Mode] to [Dynamic], then re-analyze the music file.
You can also use the [Beat Grid Adjustment Options] to fix beat positions individually.

How can I stop analyzing tracks?

You can stop analyzing tracks by selecting "Do Not analyze" in the Track Analysis Mode of the Settings menu.

Can music files be loaded from a computer or mobile device onto a DJ device and played even if they haven’t been analyzed with rekordbox?

Even if they have not been analyzed, music files can be loaded onto a DJ player and played, but some of the DJ player’s functions (such as quantizing) cannot be used with music files that have not been analyzed.

What elements of music files does rekordbox analyze?

rekordbox analyzes beat positions, the BPM (tempo), the key, and the displayed waveform.

What is set at [Active categories] and [Active Sort Options]?

Active categories, rekordbox (iOS/Android) v.1.3.1 or earlier :
Use this to specify the items you want to display on the rekordbox (iOS/Android) browser panel and the category menu of the DJ player’s main unit display.

Active categories, rekordbox (iOS) v.2.0.0 or later :
Use this to specify the items you want to display on the category menu of the DJ player’s main unit display.

Active Sort Options:
Use this to specify the items you want to display on the sorting menu of the DJ player’s main unit display.