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Do you have any plan to update the Android version of rekordbox?

Release of rekordbox for Android version 2.0.0 is not yet determined.

What are the advantages of using rekordbox (iOS/Android) together with rekordbox (Mac/Windows)?

Music files that have been analyzed with rekordbox (Mac/Windows), playlists and My Settings contents created with rekordbox (Mac/Windows), etc., can be transferred to mobile devices (iOS/Android).
Also, music data that has been edited on mobile devices can be reflected in rekordbox (Mac/Windows).

What are the differences between rekordbox (iOS/Android) and rekordbox (Mac/Windows)?

With rekordbox (iOS/Android), cues and loops can be set and the beat grid can be checked and adjusted. Also, music files on the mobile device can be comfortably browsed using the touch panel and loaded onto DJ players, and the history of music files that you have played can be stored as playlists.
However, compared to rekordbox (iOS/Android) with its small screen, more editing functions (such as track information and hot cue bank lists) are provided on the large screen of rekordbox (Mac/Windows).

How can I terminate rekordbox (iOS/Andriod) completely?

In case you are using iOS devices :
Double-click the home button. Find the rekordbox icon, then swipe upward to terminate rekordbox.
In case you are using Android devices :
Push 'Back' key in the top menu of the rekordbox to terminate rekordbox completely.

I plan on buying a new mobile device. Can my data be transferred to it?

Data cannot be transferred between mobile devices.
Music files, playlists, etc., being managed with rekordbox (Mac/Windows) on a computer can be exported/imported to rekordbox (iOS/Android) on your new mobile device and used in the same way as on your old mobile device.

How can I uninstall rekordbox (iOS/Android)?

In case you are using iOS devices :
Touch and hold the rekordbox icon. You will see a cross mark on the upper left corner of the icon. Tap the cross mark to uninstall rekordbox.
* Please note that music files and music data stored in rekordbox will be deleted if you uninstall rekordbox from your iOS device.
In case you are using Android devices :
Select Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications -> rekordbox then tap 'Uninstall'.

How can I update rekordbox (iOS/Android)?

In case you are using iOS devices :
Launch the App Store on your mobile device and tap 'Update'. Tap the rekordbox icon in the list then tap 'Update'. If there is no rekordbox in the update list, you are using the latest version of the rekordbox.
In case you are using Android devices :
Launch Google Play store then tap 'My App' from a menu key or options. You will see applications which need to be updated. Select the rekordbox then tap 'Update'.

Can data be synchronized between rekordbox (iOS/Android) and rekordbox (Mac/Windows)?

When music files or playlists being managed with rekordbox (Mac/Windows) on a computer are exported/imported to rekordbox (iOS/Android) on a mobile device, the point information, data attributes, playlists, etc., updated on either can be synchronized.
Music files or playlists stored only on mobile devices, however, cannot be imported onto a computer.

What DJ units can be used with rekordbox (iOS/Android) for DJ play?

Pioneer XDJ-AERO, CDJ-2000NXS, CDJ-900NXS, XDJ-RX and XDJ-1000 can be used at this moment.

Can rekordbox (iOS/Android) DJ by itself?

rekordbox is music management software. So it cannot DJ by itself.

Does rekordbox (iOS/Android) run on iPad?

Yes, it does in iPad-compatible mode. So the display on iPad is exactly the same as that on iPhone.

Where can I find the user manual?

rekordbox (iOS/Android) v.1.3.1 or earlier :
User’s manual can be opened from rekordbox (iOS/Android) help menu.

rekordbox (iOS) v.2.0.0 or later :
There is no user’s manual. Connection Guide is available in Information in rekordbox (iOS).

How can I get the latest version of rekordbox (iOS/Andriod)?

Please download the latest rekordbox from the App Store / Google Play link on the software download page of the rekordbox support site.